Why Does My Hamster Only Run at Night?

Why Does My Hamster Only Run at Night?

Hamsters are energetic creatures – that’s for sure. They want to wander around their cage all that long, and all night long as well!

So, is it normal for hamsters to be quieter during the day, and pretty energetic during the night? In a way, it is, but how normal is this actually? Should hamster owners be worried?

Why does my hamster only run at night, you ask? Your Pet, Your Love, has figured out the answer to this question, so let’s check it out.


Is it Normal for Hamsters to Run All Night?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for hamsters to run all night – after all, they are nocturnal creatures by nature. In the wilds, hamsters do not have to hunt, but they are most active at night because predators cannot find them so easily.

Besides, hamsters need a lot of exercise, and the best way to get them is to run on their wheels and around their cages, no matter the time of the day.

These concerns might be valid for new hamster owners, but the truth is that your hamster runs because it is perfectly happy and full of life. Remember to learn how to choose a Proper Hamster Cage so you can ensure a healthy lifespan for your animal.


Why Does Hamster Run On Wheel All Night?

Hamsters run all night because they crave physical exercise. When you go to bed and feel that your hamster is running on its will, it is because they have the need to stretch its legs and to start wandering around as much as it can.

Their body asks them for it – it’s completely normal. As mentioned before, hamsters have nocturnal behaviors, and this is simply one of them.

If you do not provide your hamster with enough space to run at night, or even during the day, these pets can become sick and live for less time (How Long Do Hamsters Live?). Therefore, the next time you go to sleep and hear your little pet running nonstop, let them be – they are happy while doing so.


Are Hamsters Happy When They Run On Their Wheel?

Indeed! Hamsters feel pretty happy whenever they are running. They need the activity, and they find it by running in their cages. 

If the hamsters were in the wild, they would simply dig around and find other activities to unleash their energies in a natural way. 

Thus, you don’t need to be alarmed by this behavior – it is normal, it’s healthy, and it’s great for your hamster.


How Do I Stop My Hamster From Running at Night?

Some pet owners find hamsters running all night quite an annoying thing. Although we recommend you let your hamster simply run whenever they want, it is possible to prevent them from running if you follow some steps that have been proven in recent research.


1. Give Your Hamster a Larger Cage

Perhaps your hamster is running at night because it just can’t burn all the energy they have accumulated in its little body because they simply don’t have enough space to do it.

In this scenario, the best thing you can do is to provide them with a larger cage. We know this is a money investment, but ensuring good health in your hamster is more than essential. Give them a bigger space, provide them with good food, and you will realize how fast your hamster will fall asleep at night.


2. Get a Hamster Ball

If your hamster experiences the joy of playing inside a hamster ball for a few minutes each day, it will not feel the need to run at night.

Either way, leave them be – if they want to run at night, you cannot stop them.


3. Soundproof the Hamster Cage

If you cannot find the best way to avoid your hamster from running at night, then simply do something so the sound that comes out from the cage doesn’t bother you.

Do not take their wheel out – they need it. They also need toys to chew on, and running around is the only thing they can do to keep themselves healthy.

So, place the cage far away from your bed, soundproof the cage by covering it, and lubricate the wheel if the sound is annoying you.


Pet Recap: Why Does My Hamster Exercise at Night?

Your hamster exercises at night because they need it – they are nocturnal animals, and this is something that you cannot change about them.

Do not remove their wheels during the night – that would have a negative impact on their health. Let the hamsters run!



How Do I Know If My Hamster is Happy?

Your hamster is happy if they eat well, chew on things all day long, and run on their wheels during the day and during the night.

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