How to Choose Dog Food

Choosing the right food for your dog is a challenge when there are so many options on the market. 

Feeding our dog the right food is imperative if we want our furry friend to be healthy for as long as possible, so there’s no middle ground here: you must learn how to choose dog food correctly. 

Commercial use of dog food has created a market where both cheap and expensive brands can be found in stores, so choosing just one has become a really overwhelming activity. 

Worry not – let’s take a look at the factors you should take into account so you can pick the right food for your dog’s diet in this Your Pet, Your Love guide.

What Food Should I Feed My Dog?

You should feed balanced food to your dog. Although dry kibble doesn’t seem appetizing to us, the truth is that this food has been specifically designed to provide your canine with all the calories and nutrients that your dog needs.

This means that dog food is specifically formulated to be both nutritious and delicious to animals at the same time, while also providing them with the energy they need to stay healthy.

So, it’s not about analyzing the brand of the food – it’s about taking a close look at all the ingredients to establish criteria that provide your dog with the proteins they need.

How to Choose a Good Dog Food

There are different factors to take into consideration to choose specific nutritional foods for your dog. Taking your time to do this will ensure good health for your little ones, so we, as dog owners, must do it.

Remember that if your Dog Stares at You for too long, they might be hungry, so let’s see the best way to offer them a nice meal!

1. What Should I Look for When Choosing Dog Food?

The first thing to check when you buy dog food is if there is an AAFCO label on the package. The Association of American Feed Control Officials controls the safety of all animal food, whether it is canned or packed.

After that, you must ensure that the food is meat-based. Avoid high amounts of chemical preservatives and prioritize fresh meals instead.


2. Check Out Dog Food Ingredients

Dogs are carnivorous creatures since they are puppies, so feeding them with any other thing that is not meat is not recommended at all. 

You need to ensure that the content of the food has enough vitamins and proteins. Read the label – check the name of the company, ingredients, and suggested amounts before you select it.

If your dog has special dietary requirements, then it is imperative to get help from a veterinarian.

What Ingredients Should I Avoid in Dog Food?

We recommend you avoid high amounts of fillers, such as corn and soy. These ingredients have more carbohydrates than your dog needs, and are there just to increase the amount of food contained in a single bag.

Besides, fillers can create allergies in your dog that are undoubtedly bad for their health.


3. Pick Dog Food for Your Dog’s Size and Breed

When you go to buy dog food, you have probably realized that different choices are based on breeds and sizes.

So, is your dog a small Pekingese, or a big German Shepherd? We know that you will make the right choice regarding your dog’s breeds, so make sure to check any indication on the label as well.

4. Vet-Recommended Dog Food

The absolute best way to pick a single dog food is by consulting your veterinarian. Vet-Recommended dog food will always be the best food – they know exactly what your little furry companion needs!

Both dry and wet food recommended by your vet should meet the standards of your dog’s diet.


How Long Should You Try a New Dog Food?

You should try a new dog food for 5 to 7 days. If after the fifth day you start to notice that your puppy or adult dog does not like the food, or is causing allergies or sickness in them, stop giving them the food immediately.

Likewise, it’s mandatory to control your dog’s reaction to the new food. If you have any concerns regarding this matter, go to the veterinarian as soon as you have a chance.


How Do I Know If I Should Switch My Dogs Food?

There are three main scenarios when you should entirely switch your dog’s food:

  1. Your dog is no longer a puppy – they will now need adult food. You will probably need to change food between 3 and 3 times through your dog’s life;
  2. You notice that something is wrong with your dog’s health. If your dog constantly vomits, has diarrhea, or is weaker than usual, take it to the vet so they can make an analysis of his health and determine a new food type;
  3. The vet tells you to do so – veterinarians are professionals that have dedicated their lives to keeping animals healthy, so you need to trust them!

Pet Recap: How to Choose Dog Food

Sometimes, choosing dog food is a challenge. The good thing is that you can always get pieces of advice from professionals, so you end up picking the right product.

If you follow the tips in this guide, we assure you that your dog will have a healthy and delicious diet sooner than ever. 

Remember that going to the dog nutritionist is also an option if you are struggling to find the right food decision for your loved furry companion.


Do Dogs Get Tired of the Same Food?

No, dogs do not get tired of eating the same food every day. They have way less taste buds than humans, so they can literally eat the same meal day after day and still love it.

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