How Much to Cremate a Hamster? Is it Expensive?

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Hamster Cremated?

Hamsters are lovely pets – these animals love you from the moment they are born to their last breath. Some people believe that hamsters are not as lovely as dogs, and although they do not show affection in the same way, we can easily establish a big bond with our little mice-looking pets.

So, when the moment to say goodbye to your hamster comes, it hurts, and for some people, it can be quite sad.

Here, you have two options: you either perform a burial for your hamster, or you cremate it and keep its ashes. But how much to cremate a hamster in 2023? Your Pet, Your Love, has the answer you need.


Can You Cremate Hamsters And Other Species Of Rodent?

Yes! Although cremating these animals is not as common as cremating other types of pets, such as cats and dogs, it is still possible to get the ashes of your little hamster in crematories.

If you want to remember those days when your Hamsters Only Ran At Night, or if you just established a great connection with your hamster and you don’t want to forget about them forever, then creating them is a good choice for sure.

Why Cremate a Hamster?

There are many reasons to cremate your hamster, but they all depend on your personal requirements. Some people prefer to perform a funeral and see cremations as something rather drastic.

In this case, you can always have a little box with the ashes of your little hamster, and every time you see it, you will remember the good times you had together.

Life is like this – death is unavoidable, and sadly, hamsters have really short lives. On top of that, they are forgotten pretty often, so if you don’t want this to happen, and you really loved your hamster, then cremating it would be better than burying him.

3 Types of Cremation for Hamsters

There are different ways to cremate a hamster, and the price of each of them heavily varies depending on what option you choose.

As mentioned in different research, these are the options you have at hand once your little hamster leaves this world.

1. Home Cremation

This is rather difficult to do, and we do not recommend it at all, but some people prefer to start the creaming process by themselves at home.

Since most hamsters are really tiny, they burn their own hamster’s bodies and save the ashes. This can be quite traumatic for children, and then again, it is dangerous – your property can end up damaged.

2. Communal Rodents Cremation

This is one of the cheaper options you have at hand – it consists of cremating your hamster in a private crematory, but instead of being alone in a single cremation cage, they will be alongside other pets, such as cats and dogs.

Not many owners like this option, but then again, it is probably the cheapest one around.

3. Private and Witnessed Cremation

You can choose to exclusively cremate your hamster. This way, you will know that the final ashes will belong to your friend in an individual way.

And, if you want to be extra sure, some cremation services offer witnessed cremation, where you are present during the whole cremation process (which, to be fair, takes place pretty fast because hamsters are really small, which is not something that happens with a dog or a cat).

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Hamster Cremated?

So, how much is it to cremate a hamster? The average cost to get a hamster cremated varies from $30 to $80. Let us elaborate:

  1. If you cremate your hamster through communal cremation, then you will probably just pay around $30.
  2. If you decide to privately cremate your hamster, expect to pay between $50 and $60.
  3. Private and witnessed cremation costs up to $80, and some places can offer this service for up to $100.

All in all, it is important to remember that you must provide your hamster with a Proper Hamster Cage while they are still alive.

How to Cremate a Hamster

Now, the moment of truth: your little-sized friend has died, and you don’t want to bury him – instead, you think that cremating him is your best path to follow. This is what you have to do:

  1. Contact cremation services in your local area. A quick Google search will find you the best places that offer cremation near you.
  2. Put your hamster in a box, preferably wrapped around a piece of cloth.
  3. Select the type of cremation you want to perform, and pay its price.
  4. Wait for the ashes of your hamster to get to you, and honor him for eternity.

Pet Recap: How Much Does it Cost to Get a Hamster Cremated?

Not so many people like to have their hamsters cremated – they just bury them and forget about this matter. But, if you really cared about your rodent friend in life, then they do not deserve any least.

Just make sure to have between $30 and $80 saved for when their time comes.


Can Hamsters Get Cremated?

Yes! Hamsters can get cremated, but it also depends on the type of service you hire. Some cremation services do not cremate hamsters due to their small size, but then again, it depends.

How Much to Cremate a Hamster in the United States?

If you select communal cremation, cremating your hamster in the USA might cost around $30. But if you choose private cremation, prepare yourself yo pay up to $200.

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