My Dog Ate Chocolate Egg: What Do I Do?

My Dog Ate Chocolate Egg

We all know that chocolate is bad for dogs. Chocolate cannot be given to your dog in any shape, form and size, and that, of course, includes chocolate eggs.

But what happens if your dog eats chocolate eggs? That should not be good at all! If you are desperately telling yourself, “my dog ate chocolate egg, what do I do?” Then check this quick Your Pet, Your Love guide so you can learn how to proceed in no time.


Can Dogs Eat Chocolate Easter eggs?

No, no, and absolutely not. Dogs cannot eat chocolate easter eggs at all. Cocoa is toxic for dogs, and chocolate eggs are made of cocoa!

Chocolate has a chemical called theobromine which is deadly for dogs, so if your dog has eaten a chocolate egg, then the toxicity of this chemical can badly affect their health.

My Dog Ate a Chocolate Easter Egg!

If your dog ate a chocolate egg, the first thing that you should do is to take your dog to the vet as soon as you have a chance.

Don’t wait any longer, don’t give them homemade medicines, and do not play with their health. It is important to get your dog treated with the best professional practices as soon as you can.

Dogs eat everything they find (Why is My Dog Eating Grass?), and although chocolate is indeed deadly to them, they still find it really tasty, so it’s not your fault that your dog has accidentally eaten a chocolate egg.

What to Do if a Dog Eats an Easter Egg?

Lately, many reports of dogs eating easter chocolate eggs during the Easter season have arisen. This little sweet is perfectly safe and even ultra delicious for us, but they are a deadly poison for dogs.

So, if you are one hundred percent sure that your dog has eaten a chocolate easter egg, or if you suspect that they have eaten a chocolate egg, this is what you have to do:

  1. Contact your vet as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if your dog eats a chocolate egg on a Sunday night – call your veterinarian and tell them what happened.
  2. Then, follow the care recommendations of the professional. Chocolate is fatal to dogs indeed, but it doesn’t kill them in a heartbeat.
  3. Your veterinarian will know exactly how to treat your dog, so follow their advice without questioning it.


What Are Signs of Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs?

The signs of chocolate poisoning in dogs might vary, but most of them are stomach aches, vomiting, and diarrhea. They will also feel very thirsty and tired, which is a big sign that tells you that your dog is having a really bad time. 

Rapid breathing might appear as well, but you for sure don’t need to wait for signs to appear if you are sure that your dog accidentally ate a chocolate egg.

How Do Vets Treat Chocolate Poisoning?

Vets treat chocolate poisoning mainly by inducing vomiting as soon as possible. After your dog eats a chocolate egg and you take them to the veterinary, the first thing that the professional will do will be to start inducing vomiting on it.

Then, they will give them activated charcoal. There is no magic antidote or medicine for chocolate egg poisoning. It can be fatal, and perhaps, if you act too late, your dog will not get through it.

That’s why you must keep dogs away from chocolate eggs so you can avoid this immense and awful risk.

Pet Recap: My Dog Just Ate a Chocolate Easter Egg

If your dog just ate a chocolate easter egg, act as fast as you can. Stop reading this article immediately and take them to the vet.

You might try to induce vomiting by yourself, but this doesn’t always work if you don’t know how to do it.

Chocolate poisoning on dogs is not a joke – never, never, ever give your dog chocolate eggs, and do your best to prevent them from eating chocolate easter eggs at all costs.



My Dog Ate a Chocolate Mini Egg What Do I Do?

The first thing you must do is to take your dog to the vet. There’s no magic formula to combat chocolate poisoning in dogs, but if you act fast, you can save the life of your little companion. What’s more, the size of the chocolate doesn’t matter – even a mini egg can be fatal!

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