How Long Do Hamsters Live?

Hamsters are beautiful and adorable pets. They are small, happy, and extremely cute, which is why many children love them.

However, there are a few things to consider before you have a hamster, such as its lifespan. It is not a secret to anyone that hamsters are short-lived – they usually are by our side for just a few months, which can be sad, but that’s how things are.

But how long do Hamsters live? Can I be with my little hamster friend for years, or will its life expectancy really be short? Continue reading this Your Pet, Your Love article to learn more.

How Long Does a Hamster Live as a Pet?

Hamsters live between 18 and 36 months, depending on different factors. The moment you get your hamster from the pet store, they are at least 28 days old.

The average hamster age is between one year and two and a half years. Two-year-old hamsters are considered to be elderly animals, but this doesn’t mean that they cannot live for two years or a few more months. 

It all depends on their health, exercise, diet, and more. Both male and female hamsters reach sexual maturity pretty quickly, so they can reproduce pretty fast, but babies have short life expectancies as well.

1. How Long Hamsters Live Without Water?

According to different hamster research, hamsters can live between 3 and 4 days without water. Still, whether you have a mature or a new hamster, it is widely important to keep them hydrated at all times. 

Many biological issues and diseases can appear if your hamster doesn’t drink enough water, and since they are prone to several illnesses, it is utterly important for the hamster owner to consider these factors.

2. How Long Hamsters Live Without Food?

A hamster can go up to three days without food before dying. If you are leaving your apartment for weeks, make sure to ask someone to sit your hamster while you are not there.

If you leave them too much food, they can eat without control, which can cause diabetes, digestive issues, and other common captivity problems that eventually lead to the hamster’s death.

How Long Do Syrian Hamsters Live?

Syrian hamsters live between 2 and 3 years. Dwarf hamster species have a shorter lifespan than Syrian hamsters, but it depends on inherited conditions and their size.

All in all, it is possible to provide your hamster with a good diet, so it lives longer. There are different hamster foods, so getting a professional evaluation from a vet will help you decide on a good brand to feed your little friend without putting its health at risk.


Why Do Hamsters Only Live 2 Years?

Hamsters live so little because they reach full maturity quite fast. Their genes are programmed to become sexually active as soon as possible, and depending on the breed, they can become full adults within just 4 weeks.

Since their life cycle is so fast-paced, it makes sense that your little hammy only lives an average of just 18 months.

That’s why it is imperative for us, as pet owners, to provide our hamsters with the best life we can so they have an unforgettable time on this Earth.


How to Improve Hamster Lifespan

Although going against the natural course of things is not always possible, there are three different things that you can do if you want your hamster to live longer.

First of all, make sure that they have a good, healthy, and delicious diet full of fiber. If you want to keep your hamster happy, it is imperative that you follow dietary recommendations by veterinarians. You wouldn’t Feed Chocolate to Squirrels in the wild, right? Well, do your hamster a favor and only feed it with seeds and natural food.

Secondly, providing your hamster with a proper cage environment is your responsibility as well. Hamsters love toys, enough space to climb, and a wheel to run for several minutes! If you fail to give your hamsters a good house where they feel comfortable in their habitat, they will age really quickly.

Third but not least, whenever you notice something out of place, take your hamster to the vet. Any disease can quickly end your hamster’s life because their metabolism is really fragile, so check up on them to see if they need professional care.


Pet Recap: How Long Hamsters Live?

Let’s recap all the information in this guide with the three following points:

  1. Hamsters live between 18 and 36 months on average, which translates to one and a half to two and a half years under normal conditions;
  2. You can improve your hamster’s lifespan by carefully choosing their diet, taking them to the vet regularly, and providing them with the perfect cage space;
  3. Small hamsters tend to have shorter lifespans than Syrian Hamsters and other species. 


Can a Hamster Live for 5 Years?

It’s highly unlikely that a hamster can live for 5 years, but there have been reports of Syrian hamsters living for 5 years in captivity. Clearly, this is a really advanced age for a hamster, so then again, it is extremely unlikely to happen.

Can a Hamster Live for 10 Years?

Absolutely not. Hamsters cannot live for 10 years under any circumstance.

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