Do Snakes Recognize Their Owners? Can They Remember You?

Do Snakes Recognize Their Owners?

Pet snakes are weird. But they are not weird in a bad way – they are good weird. Some pet lovers love snakes because they are unique and, frankly, kind of cool pets.

But a snake is not a dog – we know this, and you know this as well. If you throw a ball, the snake will not look for it whatsoever.

In fact, it is widely known that snakes are, actually, really primitive creatures.

So, that leads us to wonder: do snakes recognize their owners? We, at Your Pet Your Love, have performed unique research into this matter, so let’s get to the bottom of it as soon as we can.

Can Snakes Recognize Humans?

Yes and no – what does this mean? Well, according to multiple studies, snakes can recognize themselves and perceive the world around them.

You are part of the “world around them,” which means that they can recognize your presence… sort of.

Snakes have six senses: the main 5 senses are the same ones that we have, and the sixth one helps them feel the heat of nearby creatures.

So, snakes know what humans are – they know that we are animals, or beings, that are around them. 

But they won’t recognize your face or something like that – instead, they will recognize and, kind of, remember your unique essence, which is something that we all have.

Do Pet Snakes Recognize Their Owners? 

Let’s put it in simple words: snakes know you are there, but they are incapable of recognizing their owners.

If you adopted your little snake when it was just a small worm, then they might as well understand your presence.

But snakes don’t have developed brains, and they for sure don’t have good memory whatsoever.

As a consequence, recognizing their owners is not something that happens as it does with other pets, such as cats and dogs.

Instead, if you interact with your snake every day, they will learn a pattern of you as their owner and feeder, but they won’t have feelings towards you – sorry to break it to you!

Do Snakes Recognize Your Scent?

Not exactly, but it depends on the kind of snake you have. Some snakes have more developed brains than others, but the snakes that are suited for house environments are not capable of distinguishing your scent.

The brain of snakes didn’t evolve to recognize unique scents, but when they perceive you with their sixth sense, then they know that they are in the presence of “someone,” which is you.

In that same order of ideas, some snakes might show more “bonding” than others, but it depends on how the snake has been raised.

At the end of the day, we cannot forget that, when it comes to pets, snakes are not the most affectionate creatures around.

Can You Bond With a Snake?

This is a tough question to answer because many people ask themselves if Pet Snakes Are Affectionate.

You can bond with a snake in the way that you can feel love towards it and take care of it every day of your life, as you should if you decide to own a pet.

But they won’t feel the same towards you. Snakes don’t love, feel affection, or respond to their names. 

You have a rather simple creature at your power, and although you might take really good care of it, it will not form a real bond with you.

It’s a one-street relationship, sadly. Classic condition, which is a form of behavior that some animals have, can condition the snake into knowing that you represent something valuable to them in the most primitive sense.

But this is not bonding – this is just their brains telling them how to act in their surroundings. 

Is It Cruel to Keep a Snake as a Pet?

It depends on how you take care of them, but overall, the answer would be that snakes are wild animals and are not meant to live domesticated their whole lives. 

Even if you keep your pet snake inside a good cage that truly resembles their natural environment, and provide them with enough wild food to feel comfortable, they are mostly meant to live their lives in the wilds of our planet.

Our recommendation would be that, if you have a pet snake, make them live in a place that looks like its natural habitat if you don’t want to feel “cruel.”

So, Do Snakes Remember You?

No, snakes don’t remember you. Snakes might understand that you are part of their day-to-day lives due to basic conditioning, but in their brains, you don’t exist as a memory.

This might sound a little cruel to some owners, but that’s how it works with snakes!

It’s nothing personal against you, but you know what you were getting into before you decided to get a snake as a little pet.

Pet Recap: Do Snakes Recognize Their Owners?

Pet snakes don’t recognize their owners, but they understand the classic and standard patterns behind your presence due to some primitive parts of their brains.

They won’t respond to their name or show affection when you touch them or give them food.

But you can indeed bond with them – don’t let anything stop you from loving your little reptile friend!


Do Snakes Like to Be Held?

Snakes do not enjoy being held nor “like hugs.” Snakes are not dogs or cats – they do not feel your “petting” as something positive.

Do Snakes Keep Grudges?

Snakes can feel things indeed, but they do not hold grudges. If you did something bad to the snake, it will not remember it. Either way, please don’t mistreat them – they are living beings, and they deserve to be loved as well, even if they won’t love you back!

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