Do Air Purifiers Help with Pet Hair?

Do Air Purifiers Help with Pet Hair?

We love our little pets no matter what, whether we talk about cats or dogs. But if there’s one thing that we all can agree on, it is that removing the hair and dander that they leave around all over the house is a real headache.

If you try to remove pet hair from one room, you might need a vacuum to do it, and after a few hours, you will find pet hair all over the place again! So, what’s the ideal solution for this?

Some people say that air purifiers work quite well, but do air purifiers help with pet hair? Let Your Pet, Your Love, give you the right answer you are in need of right away.

Can An Air Purifier Help With Pet Hair and Dander?

Air purifiers can help with pet hair and dander indeed, but they are not the ultimate solution to this problem – at least not all of them. Pet-specific air purifiers are your best shot here.

As you know, an air purifier helps you to filter the dust and particle content that can be found in the air. These devices keep the air clean, but in the case of pet dander, they particulate so tiny and light in the air that, sometimes, air purifiers cannot entirely catch them.

Now, when it comes to reducing pet hair at home, the efficiency of the air purifier depends on the method it uses to capture floating particles. You need to get an air purifier with filters – otherwise, it won’t work quite well to remove fur from your home.

How Do Air Purifiers Work for Pet Hair?

Air purifiers absorb and capture airborne particles through filters and suction methods. Nonetheless, they are designed to help you fight allergens (Are Golden Retrievers Hypoallergenic?) and small particles, not “big” particles, such as pet hair.

Either way, it depends on how your furry friend sheds. Do you have a small Pekingese, or do you have a large golden retriever at home? Having a good air purifier, and we mean a quality one with top-notch design, is a good starting point to help you get rid of pet hair in indoor spaces, but as we mentioned before, it is important to note that they are not a definite solution.

Besides, some people can find air purifiers expensive and hard to operate. If you want to combat bad odors, keep your home fresh, and reduce allergies at home regularly, then the features that most air purifiers include will work perfectly fine for you.

How to Choose Air Purifiers for Pet Hair

In most cases, choosing a single air purifier is easy, but this is not the same case for all pet owners. If you want an effective air purifier that helps you combat allergies and cat or dog hair at home, then there are three factors you should definitely take a look at.

1. Prepare a Budget

You should know that some of the air purifiers available on the market are not cheap at all. A good air purifier can cost up to $700, and the most standard ones cost between $100 and $300, so have a budget in mind before proceeding.

2. Get Air Filters

If you really want to combat pet hairs at home, then you most definitely need to get an air purifier with an air filter. This way, when the air purifier captures hairs, they will be trapped within the filters, and, therefore, will help you combat pet hair all over the place quite easily.

3. Consider Air Purifier Maintenance

Some air purifiers need a lot of maintenance, and some of them don’t. The truth is that the more advanced the technology and capabilities of the purifier, the less maintenance you will need. But, then again, you need to consider the price.

What’s the Best Air Purifier for Pet Hair?

Although product recommendations are not within our expertise yet, we believe that the best air purifier for your pets is the Levoit Core P350 Pet Care for one simple reason: it is designed specifically to remove pet hair.

If you see that an air purifier has Pet in its name, then that’s the product that will help you out. Either way, we do not recommend products on our website, so make sure to perform your own research before you purchase any air purifier out there.

Pet Recap: Would an Air Purifier Help with Dog Hair?

Well, now it is pretty clear: an air purifier can indeed help you a lot with dog and cat hair, but it depends on the type of air purifier you get.

Forget about cheap products and get a device that covers all of your needs! By the way, learn How to Trim Dog Nails by checking out our related guide.


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