Can a Hairball Kill a Dog?

Can a Hairball Kill a Dog?

We often believe that only cats are prone to hairballs, but dogs are as well! Although dogs have more thick hair than cats, they also lick themselves a lot.

Dogs do not “bathe” themselves as cats do, but when they do lick their own fur, hairballs can create in their throats.

So, can a hairball kill a dog? Are hairballs on dogs harmless? This Your Pet, Your Love article will give you the correct answer you need to this specific question.


Can Dogs Die from Hairballs?

Believe it or not, yes, dogs can die from hairballs. Although it is rare for dogs to suffer from severe hairball problems in their throats, this is something that can indeed happen, mostly if you don’t regularly groom your dog.

Eating hair is never advisable at all, and although your little dog cannot avoid it, you might as well prevent the formation of hairballs with different methods.

All in all, remember that some foods are forbidden for dogs (Dogs Can’t Eat Chocolate Eggs!), but since hairballs are made out of, well, hair, you have almost no control over them. So, what do you do in this case?

Is Dog Hairball Cough Dangerous?

Yes, dog hairball cough is dangerous because they can choke to death with it. It is highly unlikely for dogs to experience health problems from hairballs other than just coughing.

According to multiple pieces of research, the main problem with dog hairballs is the fact that they can indeed choke on them. If this happens, it is probable that your dog tries to remove them naturally by vomiting.

Either way, some dog owners might find it problematic to take their dogs to the veterinarian quickly enough for efficient treatment, so it is imperative that you know what to do before it happens.


How to Identify Dog Hairball Cough

There are three ways to know whether your dog’s cough is caused by hairballs or other factors. It is worth noting that hairball cough is not as common as other types of coughs, so learning to identify it is imperative for its symptoms.


1. Your Dog Has a Dry Cough Without an Apparent Reason

Hairball cough is dry and rough. It’s not humid nor passive – it will strike your dog fast and without further notice.


2. Dog Has Not Eaten Recently

If your dog has not eaten at all in recent moments, but he is still coughing, then it might be due to a hairball stuck in its throat.


3. Your Dog is Not Sick at All

There is more than one disease that can cause coughing in dogs, such as respiratory problems and more. But, if you are quite certain that your dog is not sick, but he is still coughing like crazy, then perhaps it’s time to take it to the veterinarian as soon as you possibly can.


How to Avoid Hairballs On Dogs

We need to clarify something – hairballs will not always 100% kill dogs. In fact, the hairball needs to be really big and thick in order to kill the dog by choking it. But how can you avoid them? There are three pieces of advice that we can give you, so you avoid this unfortunate scenario:

  1. Regular grooming. If you regularly cut your dog’s hair, then it won’t have loose hair to lick. Remember that licking themselves is what causes hairballs in their throats.
  2. Give them toys. Although entirely preventing dogs from licking themselves is not that easy, if they are distracted by a brand-new toy, they might as well entirely forget about licking.
  3. Take them out constantly. You need to take your dog for a walk every single day. The wind will take away those loose hairs, and, on top of that, your dog will not get bored, which is one of the main factors why they lick themselves.

Pet Recap: Can a Hairball Kill a Dog?

Hairballs can kill dogs in rare cases. The possibilities are small, but they are never zero.

Therefore, it is important to know how to identify hairball cough.

And, if you think that your dog is choking due to a hairball, then you need to induce vomiting as soon as you have a chance.


Can Hairballs Kill a Dog from Licking?

Yes – dogs licking themselves causes hairballs in their throats, and they can die in some cases.

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