Why is My Betta Fish Not Eating?

Picture this: you get home after a long day of work, and feed your little Betta fish some delicious food. A while passes, and you notice that the food is still floating on the tank.

Why is my Betta fish not eating? Is your fish sick, or did someone already feed him while you were not at home?

Our aquarium friends need to follow their diet if you want them to have a comfortable life, but what if their appetite is gone? Today, Your Pet, Your Love will cover this topic in its entirety.

Why is My Betta Fish Not Eating – 3 Common Reasons

There are different signs that can tell you whether your Betta fish doesn’t want to eat due to illness or just pickiness.

Some Betta fishes are really picky with their food, which is why there’s a wide variety of food that you can offer to your little water buddy. As you know, Betta fish are not the most sociable creatures out there, so deciding what is happening to your Bettas is not that easy.

So, before you decide to take your aquatic friend to the veterinarian, let’s see the possible reasons why your Betta fish is not eating.


1. Your Betta Fish is Not Hungry (Overfeeding)

Perhaps your Betta fish is not eating because he is simply not hungry. If Bettas feel fed enough, they won’t just wander around looking for food.

Remember that Bettas are carnivores in the wild, so feeding them all the time with flakes is just not a good idea. Maybe another family member gave your Betta a little treat, so they are not hungry at all.

That’s why you and other fish keepers need to organize a feeding itinerary to avoid scenarios such as this one.

2. Temperature or Water Changes

Fishes can get stressed out as well. Perhaps they have been moved to a new tank, and now they can’t swim comfortably.

This results in them ignoring pellets entirely until they feel comfortable again. If your Betta is stressed out because the water is too cold or too hot, it is utterly urgent for you to fix that as soon as you have a chance.


Why is My New Betta Fish Hiding and Not Eating?

New Betta fish are not immune to tank changes. They were used to the conditions and parameters of the old tank, and since they lack their old spaces, they might just be really confused right now.

Therefore, regulating the water heater and making them feel at home might take a few days. In the meantime, continue feeding your Betta but with fewer quantities than normal.

3. Is Your Betta Fish Sick?

When you change your Betta fish from their original landscape, they can become easily stressed out. This can cause the conditions of moving are not the most suitable for your pet.

Here, some bacterial, fungus, or parasitic illnesses can appear. Sadly, these are pretty hard to solve by yourself, so if you identify problems like these, make sure to take your fish to the veterinarian so he can be safe and sound as soon as possible.

What Do I Do if My Betta Fish Isn’t Eating?

If your Betta fish is not eating, you should do the following:

  1. First of all, make sure that no one else feeds your fish. If your Betta has already eaten, then he is too full, and you just need to wait – don’t waste any more food around!;
  2. Change the conditions of their tank. Ensure a safe and healthy environment for your fish. They will stress out if they don’t have little places to hide, so this might remove their appetite entirely;
  3. Take your fish to the vet urgently if you have tried the aforementioned pieces of advice, but none of them worked for you. 

Can I Take A Betta Fish to the Vet?

Yes, you can take a Betta fish to a fish veterinarian. This will ensure that your fish get the special treatment they need in case they are indeed sick. You can learn more about fish veterinarians (or should we say, Bettarinarians?) by clicking here.


How Long Can Betta Fish Go Not Eating?

The research shows that a Betta fish can go up to 10 days without eating. So, if your Betta hasn’t eaten for just one or two days, then it is highly unlike that they die right away. 

Nonetheless, you should not stop looking up to them. If your Betta doesn’t eat for more than 3 days even after you follow all the recommendations, then ensure the health of your little water buddy by taking them to the vet.

Do Betta Fish Need to Eat Every Day?

Yes, Betta fish need to eat every day, and twice a day is the ideal. Their belly needs to be full on a day-to-day basis, but beware – overfeeding them can also be fatal.

Thus, if you feed your Betta twice a day it should be more than okay for them to have a good life under your sight.

Pet Recap: Why is Your Betta Fish Not Eating?

So, why is your Betta not eating? These are the most common reasons and things to have in common regarding this matter:

  • Your fish has already eaten and you should stop giving them food. Likewise, do not overfeed your Betta – it might be catastrophic;
  • Your fish is stressed out due to temperature, environment, or tank changes. Make the arranges needed for your fish to feel as comfortable as possible;
  • Your Betta might be sick, which means that you need to take it to the veterinarian as soon as you have a chance.


How Do You Force Feed a Betta Fish?

Force feeding a Betta fish is not possible – it’s not like you are giving a pill to a dog! Nonetheless, you can try to defrost their food and put it in small quantities in their tank to see if that catches their attention.

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