How Much Are Koi Fish?

How Much Are Koi Fish?

Koi fish are among the most beautiful water creatures in the world. Koi fish represent love and friendship, and they are most certainly one of the must-have fish for pet lovers.

But having a koi fish is not the same as having a dog, for instance. They require a lot of maintenance, love, and attention, but most importantly, they are not the cheapest fish around.

But how much are koi fish anyways? Your Pet, Your Love will break down the price of koi fish so you can quickly understand the budget to spend in an easy and straightforward way.

Are Koi Fish Expensive?

Yes, koi fish are expensive. The costs of having and maintaining koi fish are not cheap at all, but it is an investment that many people make.

They are not as cheap as betta fish (Why Is My Betta Fish Not Eating?), but they also aren’t unbelievably costly… at least in most cases.

Some koi fish can cost $50, and some others can cost $1,500. It really depends, but when it comes to average price, they typically cost way more than classic and standard fish breeds.

How Much Are Koi Fish

How Much Does A Koi Fish Cost?

A koi fish costs between $8 and $50 on average. Of course, this applies only to standard, average types of koi fish. The breeding of Koi fish is rather complicated, which means that some koi fish can be cheaper than others.

It depends on the origin of the fish and its type. It is not the same to get a koi fish from a pet store as doing so from certified koi fish dealers.

You can expect to pay around $50 for a normal koi fish, but if you want rarity, then prepare to pay way more. All the varieties and types of koi fish have a direct impact on their prizes, which is why making a single estimation is really hard.

What Color Koi is Most Expensive?

The most expensive color of koi fish is red and white. In fact, the most expensive koi fish in the world was sold for almost $2 million dollars. The rarity of this healthy koi fish was so unique and uncanny that a collector decided to pay big money for this unique little buddy.

Needless to say, the patterns and colors of koi fish have a direct impact on their price, but this is not the only factor that shoppers must take into account.

How Much Does a Large Koi Fish Sell For?

A big, 8 inches koi fish can cost anywhere from $120 to $1,000. Larger koi fish are sold for more money because they need a lot of care to reach that size.

Besides, raising koi fish is not easy – they need a lot of care in their ponds and good food in order to keep them safe. If, besides their size, you also consider color patterns and health, a really large koi fish might end up costing a lot of money.

How Are Koi Fish Valued

As you can see, koi fish can be quite expensive creatures. If you are thinking about getting one, it is important to know that the fish is not the only thing you will buy – you need ponds and many amenities as well!

But how are koi fish valued anyway? If they are priced this high, then we must know the factors that directly affect the cost of a koi fish, which are the three following:

  1. Size, color, and health: some koi fish are shipped from Japan to the United States, and sadly, they can die during the shipping. If a healthy, big, and colored koi fish makes it to the United States, it will certainly be more valuable.
  2. Age and genetics: believe it or not, the genetics of koi fish is way more important than many people think. Age is also an important factor to consider – young but mature koi fish are worth more than really young or really old ones. Koi fish can live up to 50 years, so their genetics are utterly important.
  3. Sex: female koi fish are way more valuable than male koi fish. In fact, you can pay more than double for a female koi fish than a male one.

3 Tips Before Buying a Koi Fish

If you have managed to find cheap but quality koi fish in your local area, then it is time to buy one (or some)! Before you proceed to do so, it is highly important to consider these three quick tips.

1. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

You don’t need a dozen koi fish (unless you just want to have them). Keep in mind that buying koi fish is a matter that requires you to focus on quality over quantity. All in all, the more koi fish you want, the more money will be spent overall.

2. Consider Koi Fish Food and Medicines

Koi fish need the finest food and medicines if you want them to live longer. They are not cheap pets, and with a beautiful fish comes great responsibility.

So, consider all the money you will spend on food and medicines for your koi fish before you even think about purchasing one.

3. Invest Money in a Koi Pond

In the same order of ideas, you will need a koi pond for your fish. Koi ponds can cost up to $1,500, perhaps even more. So, if you buy two koi fish for, let’s say, $90 both, then you will still need to spend a lot to make a proper pond with plants and all the amenities they need to have a good life.

Pet Recap: How Much Are Koi Fish?

To recap, Koi fish can cost as low as $8 for common types, and as high as several thousand dollars for rare types. But, on average, you can expect to spend around $50 for a single koi fish.

It, of course, depends on where and how you buy it. We believe that koi fish are indeed worth the investment – they are simply majestic, aren’t they?


Is it OK to Touch Koi Fish?

Yes! Nothing bad will happen to you if you touch a koi fish. They are harmless to humans, but some of them don’t like to be touched at all.

Why Are Koi Fish So Expensive?

Koi fish are really expensive because there’s a high demand for them, whereas there’s a low supply of koi fish at the same time. Simple economics!

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