Why is My Dog Eating Grass?

Imagine this: you take your dog out for a walk, release its leash, and all of a sudden, you see it eating grass. At first, this seems like normal animal behavior, but then you get home, and your dog starts vomiting.

Why is my dog eating grass? Is it normal, or should I be alarmed by this behavior? Luckily, let’s break the good news for you before starting: you should not be scared of your dog regularly eating grass… most times.

Your Pet, Your Love will explain to you why dogs eat grass so you can understand what is happening with your furry friend once and for all.


Why is My Dog All of a Sudden Eating Grass?

Brace yourself, because this answer might seem way too simple to you: dogs eat grass because they feel like it. Inside your little dog’s mind, they feel the urge to eat grass in an instinctive way.

This is not harmful to your dog, unless you start to notice that plants are damaging their stomach. It is like when dogs bite toys, roots, and other items during walks – they just love munching!

But as it happens with the Tightness of Your Dog Collar, it is important to determine and identify all the factors that might have a negative influence on your dog’s health.

Do Dogs Eat Grass if They Are in Pain?

Although many people believe that dogs eat grass when they feel sick or are in pain, there is no scientific evidence to support this.

We know that grass has no nutritional value, and dogs have evolved to be carnivores, so it doesn’t make sense (from a biological point of view) for a canine to eat grass. 

They just simply feel like doing it because they want to chew on something, but their instinct can lead them to this if their organism identifies a sign of something wrong in their stomach.


3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Eating Grass

There is no 100% clear reason why your dog eats grass. Do they have an intentional problem, or do they want to vomit?

Several years of research have provided us with three different reasons why your dog might be eating grass when you take it out.


1. They Are Bored and Need More Play Time

Sometimes, boredom and anxiety can get your dog to eat grass without any apparent reason. If you leave your dog home alone for several hours, make sure to give them a toy or something to distract them with.

Otherwise, if they are anxious, they can start eating grass just for the sake of doing it. It is not that they like the taste of grass – instead, they need to fight their psychological conditions by getting grass eaten, which might not make sense to us, but it makes sense to their animal brain.

2. Your Dog Has a Diet Deficiency

Are you sure that you are feeding your food with enough fiber and protein? If your dog frequently eats grass, then perhaps they have a diet deficiency. 

Learning How to Choose Dog Food is one of the most critical factors for all pet owners. In this case, it is imperative to take your pet to the veterinarian and establish a diet that can get them away from grass-eating desires.


3. Dogs Use Grass as Antacid

In the wild, wolves eat grass if they want to get their stomach acids balanced. Thus, it is possible that this common natural behavior passes to your dog instinctively.

If their dietary conditions are not good, they might as well find in plants a good source of medicines to heal their gastrointestinal disease. Either way, this might cause an illness in the long haul, such as parasites, which is why you should upgrade their diet, so it doesn’t come to this point.

Why is My Dog Eating Grass And Throwing Up?

Your dog vomits after eating grass because they are not fully omnivores and they cannot entirely digest grass. Besides, toxic agents, such as pesticides and chemicals, can be found in grass sometimes.

Herbicides can be deadly to your dog – they can cause more than worms! Consequently, we must avoid this form of pica at all costs.


How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Grass

Remember that your dog is a domestic animal, so even if you think that eating grass is normal, it must be avoided if you don’t want them to get sick.

  1. Provide your dogs with a balanced diet – give them both delicious and nutritious food recommended by the vet;
  2. Take your dogs out more often – increase the number of walks that you have with your dog throughout the day;
  3. Look up for illness signs – if you see something off on their stool, try to take some samples and take them to the vet if needed.


Pet Recap: Why is Dog Eating Grass?

There are different reasons why your dog is eating grass, but most times, this won’t be a cause of concern for dog owners. 

Nonetheless, toxic chemicals can be found on grass, which is why it’s necessary to avoid these behaviors at all costs. If you have any other concerns, we recommend you take your dog to professionals as soon as you have a chance.



Should I Let Dog Eat Grass?

We don’t recommend you let your dog eat grass. It provides no nutritional value to your dog whatsoever, and there might be chemicals on grass that could cause intestinal damage to your dog.

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