How to Trim Dog Nails

It’s that time of the month again! Your dog stands on two legs to greet you home, and you feel that their nails are just too long – they are even a little harmful!

This creates the need to trim your dog’s nails, which is usually the job of a veterinarian, but what if you want to do it by yourself? Well, commercial dog nail clippers are sold everywhere, so there’s nothing bad about trimming your own little furry friend’s nails. 

Your Pet, Your Love will show you how to trim dog nails without drying trying, so buckle up and let’s do it.

What is the Easiest Way to Trim Dog Nails?

With total honesty, the easiest way to trim your dog nails is to simply take them to the vet! Vets know exactly how to cut the nails of your furry companion, so you don’t need to do it at home. 

But this isn’t always possible, and sometimes, you need to get the job done by yourself. Luckily, it is quite easy to trim your dog’s nails, so get a proper nail clipper, and let’s learn how to do it.

A little tip here: taking your dog to the vet is not always possible. That’s why learning basic things about your animal, such as How Tight Should Dog Collar Be, is the best way to ensure that your dog has a happy and healthy life at all times.


What Happens if You Don’t Trim Your Dog’s Nails?

If you don’t trim your dog’s nails, they can become so long that they will hurt you and cause discomfort to your dog. Besides, some dogs have a little extra nail that, if not trimmed on time, might require surgery to be removed.

This is the case with my dog! He has a little nail that is constantly overgrown, and it can cause pain if not trimmed. Fortunately, I learned exactly how to trim his tiny nails, so this event has never happened before.

How to Trim Dog Nails

First of all, you just want your dog’s nail to be shorter – you don’t truly want to remove the entirety of the nail. Bad nail trimming can cause an infection, which can be treated only with medicine and vet services.

If you want to avoid these scenarios, then cutting and grooming your dog’s nails with a professional is the way to go.

But don’t worry – these tips will show you how to clip the nails on your dog using classic trimmers.


Step 1: Familiarize Your Dog with the Clipper or Grinder

There are several different types of trimmers and grinders for dog nails in the market. Some are small, some are big – it depends on the size of your dog.

Puppies, of course, don’t need their nails trimmed after a while, so do not do it to avoid injury. Either way, once you purchase a clipper, make sure you are choosing the right one for your dog.

Then, give it to him, so he can familiarize himself with the item. Gently give them the trimmer in a calm way and let them smell it and lick it if they want; you just need to make them feel comfortable around it. 

Step 2: Start Trimming Just the Tip

Now, proceed to put your dog in a comfortable position. Use treats or give them belly rubs (Why Do Dogs Love Belly Rubs anyways?) if you want them to feel happy.

Then, hold their feet, and slide the clipper under the nail. Start by trimming just the tip and nothing more. If they have too much fur around their paws, then use scissors to slightly cut the hair around the nails. 

Step 3: Gradually Trim All Your Dog’s Nails

If you cut your dog’s nails too much, they will start bleeding, and the process will be totally traumatizing to them. That’s why we don’t recommend going way over the tips – if you care about your dog, then avoid hurting them! 

If you look closely, then you will see that the overgrown part of the nail of your dog will be entirely white, and at the very end of it, you will see a little red mark, like a “vein.” 

You need to totally avoid this red space in your dog’s nails – if you cut them there, they will suffer, cry, and never want you to trim their nails again.

After trimming their nails, give them a treat, take them for a walk, and let them touch the floor with their feet, so they feel good. Those are the steps you need to follow.

Why Do Dogs Freak Out When You Cut Their Nails?

This happens because most dogs are scared of the trimmer. It is more a psychological response rather than a pain trauma. Even if your dog has never bled out due to a trimmer, they might still be scared of it because they don’t like its sensation whatsoever.

That’s why if you don’t want your dog to get nervous with clippers, you must always familiarize them before putting them into direct contact with the object.


Pet Recap: How to Cut a Dog’s Nails

Cutting your dog’s nails does not have to be a hard or traumatizing process. Just follow the tips we have just given to you here, and you will be able to regularly cut your dog’s nails in a quick, easy and safe way.



What is the Correct Angle to Cut a Dog’s Nails?

The recommended angle to cut a dog’s nail is 45 degrees. Using this angle will ensure that you avoid hurting your dog’s paw at all. Also, focus on the tip and never, never, ever, cut the entirety of your dog’s nail. 

How Often Should You Trim Dog Nails?

The ideal time to trim your dog’s nails is from 3 weeks to 4 weeks. When you take your dog for a walk, their nails are naturally trimmed, so take them out often, and they will be healthier than ever.

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