Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Your dog will ask you for anything they find on your plate. It doesn’t matter if you are eating meat, fish, or bananas (Dogs Can Eat Fish, by the way) – they will still want a little piece of it.

But can dogs eat bananas, or are they forbidden? In theory, bananas are just fruit, and dogs absolutely love the taste of them, so is it a safe treat to give your dog?

Your Pet, Your Love will tell you whether bananas are an accepted snack for dogs or not right here.

Can a Dog Eat Bananas?

Yes, a dog can eat bananas without problems! In fact, bananas are a great source of proteins and vitamins, and on top of that, your dog will digest them pretty well.

When you are recently learning How to Choose Dog Food, you want to be as careful as possible regarding what you feed your dog with. Well, bananas can be a part of a balanced diet, so there’s nothing bad about giving bananas to a dog, but you need to, of course, do it in moderation.


Can Dogs Eat Bananas Peels?

Although banana peels are not toxic to your dog, we do not recommend you feed your dog with banana peel at all. They are hard to digest and might damage their digestive tracts if eaten too often.

You want to avoid banana peels, but you should not be alarmed by banana seeds – they are pretty small and practically noticeable. Either way, take care of your dog’s stomach by forbidding them banana peels – you wouldn’t eat the peel either, would you?

How Much Banana Can I Give My Dog?

So, how much bananas can a dog eat? According to dog nutrition sources, bananas should be given in just small amounts. They are not dangerous to your dog, but if you are constantly feeding them with bananas, the development of kidney stones might accelerate.

Thus, just use bananas as a sweet treat and not as a nutritious way to feed your dog on a daily basis.

Why Shouldn’t Dogs Eat Bananas?

Although there is nothing bad about feeding bananas to your dog, they have high amounts of sugar in their composition. Since dogs can’t process sugar as humans do, large amounts of bananas can be indeed bad for your dog, even if they still get nutrients from them.

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How to Feed Your Dog Banana

First of all, remember that you should avoid banana skin at all times. Fruits are good for your dogs, but once again, since they have sugar, we recommend you feed them bananas just at certain hours and days if you want them to get full benefits from this fruit.

1. Raw Banana

First and foremost, we recommend that if you are getting banana considered in your dog’s diet, just feed them with raw bananas instead first. Just a little piece of raw banana has enough content of healthy vitamins and fiber that your dog needs, so there’s no need to push processed banana treats into your dog’s diet.

Avoid dried banana treats and other processed snacks – raw banana is natural and will do just fine.

2. Banana Treats

Some recognized brands sell banana treats that are not the best choice if you want banana consumption to remain natural, but they are not entirely bad as well.

Just make sure that you are picking a good brand – you don’t want to feed your dog with slices of packed banana snacks that you don’t know where they came from!

Pet Recap: Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Yes, dogs can eat banana! There is nothing bad with dogs and bananas – they are meant to be together. 

Remember that dogs are all carnivores, so they don’t precisely need fruit, but if you want to reward them after doing something good, then giving them a little piece of raw banana will absolutely delight them.

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Can Dogs Eat Banana Bread?

Banana bread is perfectly safe for dogs, but only in small quantities. Avoid feeding your dogs too much banana bread – although it has natural sweetness, it still has sugar, which can be dangerous in the long haul.

Can Dogs Eat Frozen Bananas?

Yes, dogs can eat frozen bananas! If the climate is too hot, then freezing up some pieces of raw banana in plain water will turn into a delicious and refreshing treat for dogs, so don’t skip on it.

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