Why is My Cat Coughing?

It is not uncommon for cats to cough – after all, they spend a big part of their day licking themselves, which creates hairballs!

But what if your cat’s cough is so dry and robust that you think something is wrong? In this case, it is necessary to act as fast as you can to ensure your cat’s health.

Why is my cat coughing, you ask? This Your Pet, Your Love guide will tell you exactly what is happening with your cat so you can pay attention to their symptoms in the blink of an eye.

Why is My Cat Dry Coughing? 4 Reasons 

There are two types of cat cough: wet cough and dry cough. Although both types of coughs might be causing discomfort in your cat, it is important to consider that chronic cough is bad in all shapes and forms.

The main recommendation would always be to take your cat to the vet. Either way, if you want a quick answer to this question, then these are the four reasons that you must consider.

1. Your Cat Has a Viral Respiratory Infection

Viral respiratory infections can appear in cats, and cough is a direct response to this illness. Viruses can spread easily if your cat is constantly wandering outdoors.

An occasional cough might not be a strong signal of this disease, but if you notice that your cat is struggling to breathe, stop reading this post and take your cat to the veterinarian as fast as you can.

2. Your Cat Has Bronchitis 

Bronchitis is produced due to different factors. If you don’t know How to Bathe Your Cat and you do not properly dry its body after bathing it, bronchitis and pneumonia can appear. 

Just as it happens with infections, bronchitis is one of the main causes of inflammatory problems. If you believe that the cough in your cat is caused by bronchitis, take an emergency ride to the veterinary so it can get treated under proper conditions. 

3. Hair Balls In Your Cat’s Throat

Hair balls are normal in cats, so if you see any sign of a hairball inside your cat’s throat, then they will start dry coughing repeatedly. 

Either way, although hairballs are not that dangerous, they can still make breathing difficult for your cat, which can be fatal.


4. Cat Throat Stuck with Food

Did you give your cat a new treat recently? New food can cause irritation in their throats, and although the types of food you can give to your cat can vary, it is important to pay attention to allergies or stuck food.

Why is My Cat Coughing and Gagging?

Cats gag when they have hairballs inside their throat’s cavity. They might also gag if they have food stuck on their throats. 

If the cause of the problem is not that serious, then it should go away quickly. Otherwise, your cat might require surgery if it cannot remove the obstructing material from its body.

Why is My Cat Coughing like Something is Stuck in His Throat?

Because objects inside your cat’s through can produce a dry cough sound in your cat, which is why it is important to remove them and diagnose them properly.

When Should I Worry About My Cats Cough?

In all cases, if your feline is coughing, the matter should disappear within a few minutes. However, it is utterly vital for cat owners to take the following three factors into account so they can do something about recurrent cat coughing: 

  1. Limited to no appetite: if your cat is not eating at all, and he or she is constantly coughing, take them to the vet immediately – use common sense here!;
  2. Decreased or no activity: is your cat less active than before after he started coughing? If so, then we might be talking about a serious issue that requires medication;
  3. Hiding or other changes in behavior: if you think that your cat is not acting like they always do, then taking them to emergencies is the best course of action to follow right now. 

Pet Recap: Why Is Your Cat Coughing?

As you can see, paying attention to your cat’s cough is utterly vital to ensure good health for your little furry friend.

Throat inflammation is a serious matter, which is why it is so important for us as owners to act quickly as soon as we identify something out of place.

With a little bit of luck, your cat’s cough will not represent a major problem to them, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.


Is Cat Cough Contagious to Humans?

No, cat viruses are not contagious to humans. You can rest assured that if your cat has a respiratory disease, it won’t affect you whatsoever.

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