Why Does My Cat Like Used Q-Tips?

Why Does My Cat Like Used Q-Tips?

Have you ever cleaned your ear using a Q-Tip? Q-Tips are the best objects if you want to keep your ears clean, but for some weird and strange reason, cats love to look for used Q-Tips on the trash so they can play with them.

This behavior has been reported by cat owners all over the world, so this is not something exclusive to your cat.

But why does my cat like used Q-Tips anyways? Is there something we don’t know about Q-Tips and cats? Your Pet, Your Love will tell you exactly what is happening.

Why Do Cats Like to Play With Q-Tips?

Cats like to play with Q-Tips because they are light, fun to play with, and, most importantly, they smell like you. After cleaning your ears, cats will sense skin proteins on the Q-Tips.

They will be naturally attracted to this essence, which is why they will look for the Q-Tip so they can lick it and take it away from wherever it is. It is strange, but cats are overall odd, so this shouldn’t be surprising for you as a cat owner!


Are Q-Tips Dangerous For Cats?

It depends – Q-Tips are small and fairly fragile, so it is possible for your cat to choke while playing with Q-Tips. Although this is hard to happen, mostly because cats know their limits, you should still prevent your cats from biting and licking Q-Tips.

Now, if you ask whether your cat can die just by licking the dead skin cells that spread on the earwax accumulated by Q-Tips, then no, this will do no harm to them.


Why Do Cats Like Earwax?

As gross as this might sound, cats like earwax because they love its smell, mainly due to the proteins that earwax has. This means that your car might fancy taking a bite out of earwax if they find it on these little plastic items, Q-Tips.

So, they are prone to be attracted by earwax’s smell and even flavor. As we mentioned before, your cat will still be healthy after taking a bite of earwax – it’s not like earwax has chemicals or something bad.

But still, this doesn’t mean that your cat should eat it. Some bacteria in earwax, although rare, can lead to infection and diseases if eaten regularly, so avoid your cat from eating it at all costs.

3 Reasons Why Cats Like Q-Tips

Cats love these ear cleaners – they even seem to like them more than dogs! But why is this exactly? Let’s break down the possible reasons why your cat likes to bite and play with Q-Tips.

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Reason 1: They Are Light and Easy to Carry

Q-Tips are fairly easy to handle because they are light, and, probably, easy to find. You probably keep your ear cleaner Q-Tips in the bathroom, and your cat knows exactly where to find them.

So, perhaps Q-Tips are not their favorite toys, but since they are easily accessible, then they will play with them as soon as they have a chance.


Reason 2: Cats Love Chewing On Q-Tips

Cats love to chew on things, and Q-Tips are so soft and easy to handle that chewing on them feels truly awesome for your cat! But then again, you should beware of this – you don’t want them to end up choking with a Q-Tip, do you?!

Reason 3: They See You Using Q-Tips

Cats love to mimic people. When you are writing something on your laptop, they feel the need to walk all over it. Well, when they see you using Q-Tips, they simply want to mimic your behavior as well.

This is one of the main reasons why cats absolutely love Q-Tips, even if they are used, so the mystery is solved!


Is It Normal for Cats to Like Q-Tips?

Yes, this is totally normal. They like the taste of earwax (as gross as this might sound), and they also perceive Q-Tips as toys, so they are naturally attracted to them.

Besides, Q-Tips do not fight back, which means that your cat can easily handle them and feel like they are in power – felines love this, no matter the size!

Pet Recap: Why Does My Cat Like Used Q-Tips?

Cats don’t just like Q-Tips – they love them! But this doesn’t mean that you should willingly give Q-Tips to your cats. 

Remember that, at the end of the day, Q-Tips are made out of plastic, which can get stuck in your cat’s throat, so beware.



Is Earwax Safe for Cats?

Well, it depends – just a little bit of earwax will do nothing to your cats. But if you or someone else is sick and your cat gets one of their Q-Tips with earwax, your cat can get bacteria, which is super dangerous. Cats eat weird things (Can Cats Eat Ants?), but when it comes to earwax, our recommendation would be that you totally avoid it.

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