Unique Cat Names to Pick in 2022

Choosing a cat name is like picking the name of your firstborn son – it’s not easy, but you know how big of a responsibility we are talking about!

Cat names come in all shapes and sizes, and giving your furry friend a good name will make it stand out from the rest. Although picking cat names is something heavily personal that depends on the individual picking the name, there are still some pieces of advice you could follow so you can select the right name for your feline.

Your Pet, Your Love will show you the most unique cat names to pick in 2022 here, so continue reading this post to learn more.

How to Choose a Cat Name 

Choosing a cat name can have different paths. Do you want to give your cat a name that they can easily remember, or do you want to go for something more unique? The truth is that it totally depends on you.

One of the main tips that we can give you is to take a look at the physical qualities of your cat. Is it haired, short, fatty, skinny, orange, or what? Of course, it becomes increasingly harder to name a cat based on its looks when they are just a baby – they look like little beans, so you might as well name them Bean!

Either way, these are the five ways to name a cat we recommend you follow. Also, if your cat is coughing, check Why Your Cat is Coughing in our related post.

1. Superhero or Famous Inspired Cat Names

Are you a Marvel or DC fan? We all love superheroes! Do you know what a really cool cat name is? Thor, the God of Thunder. Well, perhaps, level the “God of Thunder” part behind, but it’s still cool!

Your cat could also be named Ironman, Hulk, and Black Window if their hair is red-ish. But besides that, you might inspire yourself with the names of famous people. This is both funny and creative at the same time, so don’t discourage yourself!

2. Flower-related Cat Name

Roses are red; violets are blue, the name of your cat should be Tulip Fluff! Many people name their cats things such as Sunflower, Violet, or Rose. Although this is not the most original thing to do, it is still a great way to show off your own personality.

3. Color or Food-related Cat Names

What is the color of your cat’s fur? Is it gray, white, or black? Then choose simplicity over creativity and name it after a color. This is a popular way to name cats, but it depends on what you want.

Also, food names are hilarious. Imagine a cat named pretzel, donut, or apple – it’s just cute! Perhaps the perfect name for your cat is something way more simple than you have in mind.

4. Entirely Unique Cat Name

Now, let’s put our brains to work, and let’s look for a totally unique name. You can try with the combination of two words. For instance, try Laptop + Charizard (totally unrelated, we know) = Chatop! It sounds weird at first, but the truth is that this is totally unique.

You can also make up some words – there are no rules for naming a kitten!

5. Musician or Sport-Related Cat Names

What’s your favorite singer or sports personality? Is it Messi? Do you like Micheal Jordan? Are you a Freddy Mercury fan? Well, there you go, three awesome names: Messi, Jordan, and Mercury.

It makes sense to name your cat after a known celebrity, but we recommend you do this only if you have a true love for the celebrity you are naming your cat after.

What is The #1 Cat Name?

According to Wikipedia, the most popular cat names in the world are Max, Tiger, and Oscar. So, if you crave uniqueness and don’t want your cat to get confused whenever other cats are around, then we suggest you avoid these names.

We know that Tiger is such a cool name for a cat, but if it were for us, we wouldn’t use a name that everybody uses as well. It’s all about finding a balance between what you like, uniqueness, and something short enough for your cat to remember it easily.

Top 5 Unique Names for Cat Male

We have given this list a deep thought before publishing it. The choices of cat names here depend mostly on your personal taste, but we assure you that these 5 boy cat names are the best that you will find around:

  1. Theodore – imagine a little, sophisticated cat with this beautiful name!;
  2. Gelato – why name your cat “ice cream” when Gelato sounds so much cooler?;
  3. Simba – your cat is a true Lion King and it deserves the name of a royal member;
  4. Gatsby – personally, I think this is the best name for a male cat around!;
  5. Rufus – we don’t know exactly why, but this name perfectly suits a fluffy cat, doesn’t it?

boy cat names

Top 5 Unique Names for Cat Female

So, what if you have a little cat girl? What will you name here? Then again, choosing just one girl name for cats is hard, so we will provide you with what we think are the 5 more unique cat names for female cats:

  1. Eleanor – a fancy cat needs a fancy name, and Eleanor suits just right!;
  2. April – April sounds extremely cute, and if your cat is born in the month of April, then this adds a new interesting point to this name;
  3. Ivy – short, pretty, and straight to the point;
  4. Paprika – why name your female cat something like Cookie when you can give her a fun, cute and unique name such as Paprika?;
  5. Cleo – short for Cleopatra, an Egyptian ruler that happened to adore cats.

Top 5 Unique Names for Cat female

Pet Recap: Unique Name for Cats in 2022

We know that picking just one name is a monumental task, but thanks to this list that Your Pet, Your Love has made for you, you now have useful insights to name your cat in a unique way.

Forget about long lists of cat names online – follow our tips, and your cat’s name will be the most beautiful one that you have ever heard about!



Should I Choose Badass Names for Cats?

Well, it is impossible to predict the personality of cats if they are just a little baby, but badass names such as Zeus, Kratos, and Venom are cool as well! Just make sure that you learn How to Bathe a Cat – you don’t want Kratos to get mad!

What’s Unique Black Cat Names?

Among the most popular black cat names, we have Panther and Blackie. Nonetheless, we recommend you choose something like Midnight, Magic or Ebony – they sound better, don’t they?


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