Can Cats Have Takis?

Can Cats Have Takis?

Have you tried takis before? They are spicy, salty, and make a great snack! But we are not here to talk about how delicious takis are, especially because there are little furry creatures that also like the flavor of takis: cats!

But can cats have takis? Although the answer to this question might seem too obvious for some people, we must dive deep into this topic to get the final answer.

You can enjoy all taki flavors for sure, but if you want to feed them to your cat, then you better read what Your Pet, Your Love has to say about this matter.


What Are Takis?

Takis are little snacks made out of corn and tortilla chips that taste delicious to some people. They are not toxic to us whatsoever, but at the end of the day, they are junk food. 

Have you ever heard of Doritos? Well, takis are in the same line as Doritos. At this point, you have probably eaten takis before, so you know exactly what we are talking about


Is Junk Food Safe for Cats?

Junk food is not even safe for humans; what makes you think that cats should eat it? Let’s remember that our cat is an animal, and animals do not have the same intestinal systems as people.

This means that junk food is not safe for cats at all. Cats should always eat natural things and nothing more. On top of that, your feline might get poisoned with highly harmful components in junk food, so it makes sense to avoid it.


Can Cats Eat Takis?

No, cats cannot eat takis – if you are a first-time cat owner, we understand your concerns. Takis come in a variety of different flavors, and none of them is suited to feed your cat with.

But in reality, nothing bad will happen to your cat if they eat just one piece of taki. Some people do strange things with their cats that are not harmful, such as Walking Cats On a Leash. But, when it comes to feeding your felines with artificial products with zero nutritional value, such as takis, then this is one of those weird things that you should not do whatsoever.


How Bad is Takis for Cats?

Taki can be really bad for cats because they contain spices, salt, dextrose, sesame oil, chemicals for colors, and other things that your cat should not put in their systems whatsoever.

This means that takis can cause diarrhea and even sodium poisoning, depending on the type of takis you decide to buy. Some types of takis will not cause severe problems, but it is not worth testing this out.

At the end of the day, it is way better for your Cat to Eat Ants rather than eat takis – if you really value your cat’s health, then follow our advice; they don’t have 9 lives in real life!


What Are the Downsides of Cats Eating Takis?

Takis can cause anemia, eating problems, and stomach aches in your cat. They also create red blood cell damage, which is a problem that can be quite fatal to your cat. 

All in all, this won’t happen if your cat has a single taki by accident, but you cannot willingly give them takis at all – it can be a really, really bad decision in the long haul.


Can Takis Kill Cats?

Takis can kill cats only if they eat a lot of them. If they have just a little bit of takis, nothing will happen to them; and even so, small problems such as diarrhea might appear with just one bite of takis

If your cat eats takis regularly, you must take them to the vet, and rethink their diet from the beginning. Takis are NOT cat food at all – even you should avoid eating takis at all costs!

So yes, we can say that the problems caused by takis can kill your cat over time, which is something that is in your hands to avoid.


Pet Recap: Can Cats Have Takis?

Cats cannot have takis, not as treats, not as regular food, and not by accident. 

If your cat secretly searches the taki bags and has one, then let that slide,  but try to avoid this scenario from happening in the future – it is your duty as a cat owner.



Can Cats Have Takis as Treats?

No, takis are not treats for cats at all. There is no way in which you can give takis to your cat if you love them – give them fish, tuna, or cat food instead! There are many different types of treats that you can give them other than harmful takis.

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