Can Cats Eat Ants?

Can Cats Eat Ants?

We are not sure if ants are tasty or not, but cats certainly seem to like them. Have you ever seen your little feline friend eat ants? Well, we have, and although it might sound weird, it is a pretty normal thing to do for them.

But can cats eat ants, or are these insects poisonous for them? We, as pet owners, want to ensure the well-being of our little companions by controlling what they eat, so it is fundamental for us to know if ants are bad or not.

Your Pet, Your Love will share all the insights you need about this matter in this “Can Cats Eat Ants?” guide.

Why Do Cats Eat Ants?

Cats eat ants, spiders, and other insects, as part of their predator instinct. It is not a secret to anyone that cats go after everything that moves, and that, of course, includes ants.

Cats love to chase and play with small ants simply because they know they are under total control of the situation. Then, their predator instinct strikes in and they take a bite at the ants as a response.

Are Ants Harmful to Cats?

Most ants are not harmful to cats at all. It is not like you will start feeding your cat with ants – that makes no sense.

But according to expert sources (click here to learn more), some insect species, such as ants, provide a good natural source of protein.

The only type of ant that can represent a severe danger for your cat is red ants. Red ants can indeed poison your cat and cause severe health issues in no time.

However, when it comes to classic, black ants, then you should know they are harmless.

Can Cats Eat Ants?

Yes, cats can eat ants – nothing will happen to them if they do. Of course, ants can sting your cat, which causes them pain, but they are not deadly at all.

It is common for your cat to eat ants while walking outdoors, so you should not be surprised about this behavior. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that you should let your cat eat ants freely whenever they want – they should have their own cat food at hand!

But hunting and eating insects is something that we can’t forbid them to do.

The problem begins when the ants are poisoned with insecticides and other chemicals that they consume outside. This can indeed cause illness and diseases, but the chances of fatal consequences are fairly low.

Why Does My Cat Love Ants?

Your cat loves ants because they feel like they are hunting a small animal, which is a natural habit that cats have. They are happy while doing so, and their digestive systems can process ants without major problems.

But the ants should be clean enough. If you know that the ants were recently sprayed with insect repellent, then avoid toxicity-related problems by preventing your cat from eating ants.

After all, we should not put our cat at risk at all, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

What Bugs Are Toxic to Cats?

Your cat can safely eat most insects – they are suited to do so. However, poisonous insects, such as some spiders, scorpions, and butterflies, are really harmful to your cat.

We know it is hard to identify what bugs your cat eats at all times, but when it comes to ants, there are no major concerns to be taken into account.

Red ants are the only toxic ants for cats because they have toxic alkaloids, but still, they will not kill or seriously affect your cat’s health.

Pet Recap: Is it Ok if Cats Eat Ants?

Cats can eat ants indeed, but it’s not like ants should be part of your cat’s diet. If you want our opinion, then we recommend you prevent your cat from toying with ants as much as you can.

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Can Cats Eat Fire Ants and Termites?

Cats cannot eat fire ants at all. Fire ants are harmful even to humans, so prevent your cat from getting close to fire ants. On the other hand, when it comes to termites, then yes, cats can eat termites, but then again, that doesn’t mean they should. If you see your cat eating fire ants or termites, and you wonder, Why Is My Cat Coughing? Well, you now have the answer!

Why Did My Cat Eat Ants And He Is Now Sick?

This might have happened because the ants were previously sprayed with insecticides or pesticides. In this case, take your cat to the vet as soon as you have a chance so the professionals can help them out.

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