Can Cats Be Walked On a Leash?

Can Cats Be Walked On a Leash?

Cats are really independent creatures. They love to be indoors, and they love to explore around their house as well, without going too far away.

But can cats be walked on a leash? Nowadays, it is pretty common to see many cat owner walking their cats on leashes, but is this something that you should do.

There are mixed opinions about this topic, and Your Pet, Your Love will show you our opinion regarding this matter.


Should I Walk My Cat On a Leash?

Although most cats are indoor creatures, they also love to adventure in the outdoors, so in our opinion, there is nothing wrong with walking your cat on a leash.

Nevertheless, this is not something that all cats can do. There’s a high possibility that your cat does not feel comfortable at all when you touch it, let alone when you put a leash on it.

So, how does this really work? Is walking cats on leashes something that everyone should do, or is it limited to certain creatures only?


Is It Right to Walk My Cat On a Leash?

We have seen cats of all kinds and sizes walking on leashes, but the question of whether this is right or not highly depends.

The most accurate answer that we can give to you is the following: if your cat is used to walking on a leash since they were just little kittens, then yes, it is right to walk your cat on a leash. 

Now, if you already have an adult cat, and you are trying to enforce the leash walking behavior on them, then stress can highly strike your cat, which is not good nor advisable at all.


Cons of Walking Your Cat On a Leash

Cats are not dogs. Cats are strange creatures that are way more independent than our canine friends, and since they come from dangerous felines, they will always act differently. So, what are the cons of walking your cat on a leash?


1. Your Cat Can Eat Weird Things 

It is not a secret to us as cat owners the fact that cats like to eat weird stuff. There’s a reason Why Cats Love Used Q-Tips! So, when you attach a leash to them and walk them around, they might end up eating something.

2. Your Cat Can Get Stressed

Cats are creatures that stress easily. In order to avoid stress in your cat, it is important not to force them to do something that they don’t want to do.

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3. Some Cats Are Just Not Suited to Walking on Leashes

Your cat might be trying to escape because they simply don’t like this new experience. We need to be honest with ourselves and understand that cats are not dogs, and not all cats can be walked on a leash, no matter how hard you try.


Pros of Walking Your Cat On a Leash

So, if your cat is trained and suited to walk on a leash, then there are some amazing benefits that your little feline friend can get from this.


1. Your Cat Will Get More Exercise

Exercise is always good for cats. As you know, if your cat gets too fat, some real health problems can appear. So, when they walk on leashes, they burn more calories and have an overall healthier life.


2. Your Cat Will See the World

In our opinion, cats are not meant to be kept at home 24/7, even if they look happy doing so. When you walk your cat, they have the opportunity to experience a new world waiting for them, which is, frankly, something really beautiful.


3. You Will Establish a Better Connection With Your Cat

When you walk your cat, they will start loving you even more than they did before. Their body signs will be closer and warmer towards you, which is something invaluable.


How to Walk Your Cat On a Leash

As we mentioned before, not all cats are suited to walk on a leash, but if you want to start doing this, then you need to train them:

  1. Start at a young age. Your cat will like to walk on leashes if they have been doing so since they were just small kittens.
  2. Train them with patience. Cats are way harder to train than dogs, so do not get desperate.
  3. Bring treats with you. If cats relate the leash with sweet and delicious treats, it will be easy to walk them.
  4. Start slowly. Do not push your cat – let them get used to the leash.
  5. Explore the world. The time to start new adventures with your cat has started, do not throw it away!


Pet Recap: Is It Safe to Walk a Cat On a Leash?

It is safe to walk cats on a leash, but they need a lot of training to do so, even more than dogs.

Hence, if you want to walk your cat, then have a lot of patience and go for it. It is a great experience that will bring you a lot of joy!



Is it Weird to Walk a Cat On a Leash?

Well, it might be weird to some people, but who cares? All that cares is how happy you and your cat feel while walking on a leash together. It’s a bond that can’t be broken!

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