Why is My Bird Biting Me?

Bird biting is a problem that many owners with a pet bird have experienced at one time or another. Rather than biting, they are beaking you – remember that they don’t have teeth!

Either way, bird bites can be quite painful, but why is my bird biting me anyways? Don’t worry, your bird doesn’t hate you – it is a normal behavior that new owners often encounter when getting their favorite bird as a pet.

That’s why Your Pet, Your Love will show you exactly why your bird is biting you and what to do about it.

Why Does My Bird Bite Me?

The main reason why your bird is biting you is that they use their peaks to check how solid objects are before climbing onto them, and in this case, your body, or hand, is the object they are checking.

If they feel that your hand is solid enough to climb off it, they will only know it if they beak you first. Other reasons might include using new clothes or accessories. They might also be looking for a treat inside your hand if you are constantly rewarding them with food.

As you can see, training your bird not to bite is important, but they do not do it out of hate or violence – it is a common thing that parrots, parakeets and other birds do mostly when they are young.

What to Do if a Bird Bites You?

It is highly unlikely that a bird bite hurts you more than soft pain. Nonetheless, if you feel like your bird is biting you more and more often, then it is imperative to pay attention to this and correct it ASAP.

Some exotic birds have peaks strong enough to rip fingers off, but if this is not your case, then there aren’t many concerns regarding biting.

They might as well be biting for fun, which goes against social rules, so correcting your birds will help them to handle the strength of their beaks easier. The story is different if you are trying to Get a Bird Out of a Garage and it bites you – if that happens to you, call animal control as soon as you have a chance.

How Do You Get a Bird to Stop Biting?

Most birds are not as smart as dogs and cats, so correcting biting is not as easy as you might think. Still, getting a bird trained not to bite is possible, and these are the three main tips that you should follow:

  1. Make a high-pitched yell whenever a bird bites you. Over time, they will understand that bites are causing you pain. Do not get the bird scared – remember that they have no violent reason to bite you whatsoever;
  2. Correct them with body language. Most birds can’t understand words, mostly if they are young. So, let them study your body language, so they understand that they are being aggressive towards you;
  3. Reward your bird when they are not biting. If your bird beaks you really often, only give them true rewards when they are not doing it. Teach them that biting is not acceptable, and if they don’t do it, they will get sweet treats.

Should I Let My Bird Bite Be?

No. Under no circumstance a person should let their birds bite. Biting is not acceptable, even if they just want to play. If you get bitten too often and you don’t correct these behaviors, your bird will bite even when they grow up.

Therefore, you can also try to give them some toys to replace your hand as a biting spot. Needless to say, you should not hit or yell towards the bird at all – you don’t want to hurt them or cause social anxiety at all.

Pet Recap: Why is My Bird Biting Me?

We know that bird bites can be literally painful, but positive reinforcement, once you start training them, will help them understand that they are not doing the right thing.

All the aforementioned techniques are meant to teach you and your pet how to act in case things are not going well, so following them is our absolute best piece of advice.


Why Does My Parakeet Bite Me?

Parakeets bite because they want to climb on your arm; they are checking if you have a treat for them or if they want to taste your clothes (in case they are new). Some parakeets can also bite if they feel threatened.

Why Does My Parrot Bite Me?

Parrots are way smarter than other bird species, so if they bite, it is because they decide to do it. They either want to communicate something to you or control a situation they are not happy with.

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