How to Stop Birds from Chirping Outside My Window: 5 Tricks

How to Stop Birds from Chirping Outside My Window

Have you ever woken up early in the morning, and heard some birds chirping outside your window?

Some people can find this pleasant, and it can be really annoying to others. It depends on your point of view, for sure, but the truth is that almost no one likes birds messing up with their sleep schedule.

Whether you are a bird lover or just don’t want these winged beings around your room, Your Pet, Your Love is going to show you how to stop birds from chirping outside my window easily.

What Can I Do About a Bird that Sings All Night Long Outside My Window?

If you don’t like birds chirping near your window, then there are some things that you can indeed do.

Nonetheless, we must remind you that birds are wild animals – after all, you are the one that lives in their territory! But, before you get rid of birds chirping outside your window, it is necessary to understand why birds do this.

Why Are Birds Chirping Outside My Window at Night?

There are three main reasons why birds are chirping outside of your window at night.

The first reason is that there’s not enough light outside, and this causes birds to chirp louder and more frequently than often. Not all bird species do this, but common birds certainly do so.

The second reason is that birds chirp in direct response to stress. When birds are feeling somewhat threatened, they start chirping to inform other birds about potential danger. It is also a natural response to stress.

At last, when birds are experiencing their mating season, they start chirping as well. Perhaps two little birds want to fall in love outside of your window, and chirping is just a direct consequence of this!

Either way, birds poop a lot, and even if you are not annoyed by their sound, they might create a mess outside your window! (Learn How to Get Bird Poop Off Your Car here).

At What Time Do Birds Stop Chirping?

It is hard to tell. It has been proven that birds start chirping a lot during early mornings, as soon as the sun starts to come out.

When the morning establishes, and when the afternoon is about to start as well, birds will stop chirping. Now, this isn’t an exact science – this time can change depending on the bird species and other factors.

By the way, if you have a pool and many birds around your neighborhood, learn if Birds Can Drink Pool Water here.

How to Get Birds to Stop Chirping Outside My Window: 5 Ways

If you are determined to get birds to stop chirping outside your window, then there are around 5 things you can do.

Keep in mind that hurting the birds is never an option – birds do not mean to cause you any harm, and you should not harm them under any circumstance.

1. Use a Bird Scarecrow

The most efficient way to keep birds away from your window is by using a classic old scarecrow. Put a little bird scarecrow, and they will never, ever get close to your window again.

You can make a scarecrow by yourself or buy one at pet stores. This is one of the best methods around because it means no harm to the birds whatsoever.

2. Avoid Food Sources Near the Window

If birds come near your window because they can find food near it, then you need to remove this food source.

Worry not – they will surely find food somewhere. If food is attracting the birds to your windows, then locate their food source and simply eliminate it.

3. Scare the Birds Away When They Start Chirping

You can scare the birds by yourself as long as you hear them chirping outside. Nonetheless, you will need to do the same thing several times for this to work. 

This means that you have to get up every time you hear the birds until they understand that they cannot be chirping around your home. 

4. Remove the Bird’s Nest (Not Advisable)

Although some people don’t seem to care about animal lives, we do not recommend you to manually remove their nests.

This will work for sure, but at what cost? Do not ever remove their nest and place it somewhere – birds will be extremely disoriented, which will cause them to start over.

5. Use Bird Repellent

If you really, really, really don’t want birds around your window, then using bid repellent is a great option indeed. You can find bird repellent in all major pet stores.

Bird repellent does not harm the birds, and its strong smell will keep them away for hours, even days. 

Pet Recap: How to Stop Birds from Chirping Outside My Window

Birds outside your window can be a problem if you are easily annoyed by their sounds. Either way, we recommend you simply enjoy nature and let birds live life – they do not deserve to be harmed in their own home!

At least you don’t have Talking Parakeets outside your window – that would be a whole new problem!


How Do I Stop Loud Birds in the Morning?

You can stop birds from chirping in the morning by using bird repellent the day before. Since you probably won’t wake up early just to scare them, you can either do this, or leave a scarecrow to prevent them from getting to your window.

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