How to Keep Birds Out of a Carport

How to Keep Birds Out of a Carport

Birds on your carport might become a real problem after a while. These little creatures not only chirp a lot, which is a fairly natural thing for them to do, but they also poop a lot in your carport.

So, it is okay if you don’t want them in your carport – after all, that’s where your car is!

Thus, if you are looking to learn how to keep birds out of a carport, then this Your Pet, Your Love guide is totally for you.

Why Are Birds In My Car Port?

Birds are in your carport because they find it a nice place to hide. Carports are usually safe from predators, and birds look for them because they like closed spaces.

That’s why Birds Are In Your Garage as well – garages are closed, dry, and safe, which is exactly what birds want.

If you love birds as much as we do, then you probably won’t be annoyed about them being in your carport. But everyone has their own personal tastes, so if you want to keep them away, then you are in your right to do so

How To Keep Birds From Building Nests Under Carport?

The best way to keep birds from building nests under your carport is to close it properly and prevent birds from accessing it.

If birds can’t access your carport, then they have no chance to start building nests at all. We know that this is hard to do, mostly because birds will look for the tiniest spot to get into your carport.

Just keep in mind that birds won’t bite you (Why Is My Bird Biting Me?) or cause you any harm, so you should not harm them as well. 

Building nests is something that all bird species do – it is the natural course of life. But they have trees to build nests on, so they should not approach your carport.

How to Keep Birds Out of Your Carport

If you have decided that birds should not be in your carport whatsoever, then there are three fundamental things that you can do to avoid this from happening.

Arm yourself with a lot of patience, and check out these three tips we have so you can get rid of birds inside your carport.

1. Keep Your Carport Closed 

Keeping your carport closed sounds like a very normal and obvious thing to do, but it is the best option you have at hand.

As we mentioned before, birds will find the perfect place once they get inside your carport. If they cannot access it, then it will be impossible for them to access your carport entirely, so try to do this.

2. Use a Bird Scarecrow

Using scarecrows is an ancient technique for keeping birds away that always works. You can make a scarecrow by yourself or purchase one at your local pet store.

Scarecrows are harmless, so don’t worry about the bird’s integrity. Simply place a scarecrow near or inside the carport, and they will never get close to it.

3. Use Bird Repellent Only if Needed

Bird repellent works for all bird species, and to be fair, it works quite well. You can purchase bird repellent almost anywhere where they sell stuff for birds.

Apply repellent daily, and they will be kept away from the carport easily. This is certainly one of the best shots you have here.

How Do I Stop Birds from Pooping Under My Carport?

If birds are pooping under your carport, then you have no other alternative than to remove their nests from the carport.

Also, make sure that there are no sources of food near the carport that birds frequently visit to feed themselves.

Remove these food sources, and they will stop pooping under your carport after a while – it might be worth a shot!

Pet Recap: How to Keep Birds Out from Under Carport

Birds in your carport can become a headache, and we know it. Whether you like birds or don’t like them at all, keeping them out of your carport is essential for hygiene reasons.

If you follow the tips that we have shown to you here, you will be able to keep them away from your carport quite easily.


What Smells Will Keep Birds Away from Carport?

Birds hate strong smells, so you can use strong citric smells to keep them away. In the same way, bird repellent is a product that does just this, so don’t sleep on it.

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