How to Get Bird Poop Off Your Car

How to Get Bird Poop Off Your Car

Imagine driving through the city, and all of a sudden, you notice that a little bird pooped on your car. This is a headache! Bird poop is everywhere, and no one is safe from it.

Of course, we want to keep our car clean at all times, but how does removing bird poop from your car work? Perhaps you have heard the piece of advice that a friend gave to you, but believe us – Your Pet, Your Love has a straight answer to your worries.

This guide will show you how to get bird poop off your car without running the car paint in no time.

Can Bird Droppings Damage Car Paint?

Yes, bird droppings can indeed damage the paint on your car! Bird poop has uric acid, with high pH levels, and if you let the poo sit for a while, then the pain will be damaged for sure.

This can be quite expensive for you in the long haul. The droppings will indeed eat the paint if you let them dry out, which will turn its removal into a really difficult task.

This creates the need to remove the bird poop from your car as soon as you can. That’s why when you are learning How to Make a Bird Feeder, you need to take the feeder location into account – you don’t want birds to eat and put it right next to your precious car, do you?!


How Long Can Bird Poop Stay On Your Car?

It depends on what the bird ate, but in general, we could say that bird poop can stay on your car for a maximum of 48 hours before big damages happen to your paint. 

If the climate is hot, then this time shortens to 24 hours. It is your job to remove the bird poop as soon as you want – otherwise, you will pay the consequences.

The ideal thing to do here is to easily remove the poo as soon as you notice it. If the poop is fresh, then a little napkin or towel will do the trick without anything more to add. If not, prepare yourself to remove it with other methods. 

How to Get Bird Poop off Your Car

Bird poo on your car is an annoying matter for sure, but removing it does not have to be a headache whatsoever. As we mentioned previously, the best thing you can do is to remove the poop while it is still fresh.

You can leave it there for a couple of minutes, but the longer the poop sits on your car, the greater the damage will be. 

Therefore, make sure to follow these three tips so you can get rid of bird droppings on your car’s surface easily. Also, if a bird happens to be inside your garage, and hence, pooping on your car, you can learn How to Get Bird Out of Garage here.


1. Take Your Car to a Car Washer

Believe it or not, cat washers deal with bird poop every single day. They apply a special gel to gently wipe out bird pop pretty easily from your car. 

Besides, they have chemicals that can offer a coat of protection to prevent the paint from damaging in the future. The best course of action here would be to simply take your car to a professional car washer service and let the magicians do their tricks. 

Even if you have a convertible car and the birds happen to poop on the seas (how do they have such a good aim?!), the car washers will know exactly how to clean the mess in the best way possible.

2. Use Baking Soda and Water

This homemade trick has been around for several years now. It consists of mixing four spoons of baking soda into a bottle of water – this is pretty easy to do!

Then, get a microfiber towel, and start wiping the bird poop. Some people use seltzer water as well – it also does the trick!

This process is really simple, and it can be more effective than other easily accessible methods, such as using detergent.

3. Use Bird Poop Wipes

There are wipes specifically designed to get bird poop out of your car, and they work like magic! You can find these products at car dealerships wherever you go – just ask the store assistant, and they will know what product to give you.

Our recommendation would be to carry a package of these special wipes in your car and forget about bird poop stains forever.


Will a Car Wash Remove Bird Poop?

Yes, taking your car to a car wash is probably the most efficient way to get bird poop removed in no time. Besides, it’s fast, and they deal with problems like these every day, so leave your car in the hands of auto professionals and rest assured that bird poop won’t be an obstacle anymore.


Pet Recap: How to Get Dried Bird Poop Off Your Car

Dried bird poop on your car is almost unavoidable – welcome to the club! The good thing is that you can easily remove poop by following the tips in this blog post, so don’t wait any longer and keep your car clean and shiny.



How to Get Bird Poop Off Your Car Window?

Fortunately, removing poop from your window is easier than doing so on the car’s body. Simply use a microfiber towel with detergent, and get help from a sponge as well. 

Why Do Birds Poop On Clean Cars?

Birds poop on cars by accident or to mark territory. Birds do not poop on cards on purpose – they have to poop anyways, and the cars just happen to be right below them.

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