How to Get Bird Out of Garage

Have you ever got home after a long day of work, and all of a sudden, you notice a little animal flying in your garage?

If so, then you are not alone – birds get inside garages all the time! For one reason or another, our little winged friends always end up coming inside our garages without further notice. 

Worry not – Your Pet, Your Love is going to teach you how to get bird out of garage in the easiest way possible.

how to get a bird out of your garage

Why Can’t Birds Get Out of Garages?

First and foremost, most bird species are not quite intelligent. Entering garages is an accidental activity that birds do all the time.

Perhaps they feel like they will be safe from danger inside the garage, or maybe you had some food in your garage, and they were looking for it.

Whatever the reason is, it is clear that your garage is not the bird’s nest, so they will feel utterly uncomfortable there. Birds are normally passive animals, and typically, they will be more afraid than you. Thus, we need to learn how to rescue a trapped bird – it’s all about their health!

How to Get a Bird Out of the Garage: 5 Ways

So, how can I help a bird trapped inside? Naturally, you will search for ways to get it out the window (if your garage has windows), but most people get impatient before the bird leaves. 

All minutes count here, and remember – the bird will think that you are a predator trying to hurt them, so it’s imperative to act calmly.

1. Offer the Bird Some Food

The first method consists of giving the trapped bird some food. You must leave food and water near the entrance of your garage and leave.

Birds are easy-to-scare creatures, so if they see you, they will fly on the spot. Thus, if you have the time, just put some delicious bird food at the entrance, leave the door open, and wait until the bird can safely go by itself.


2. Have Patience and Wait

Patience is key here. All methods require you to be patient – otherwise, both you and the bird will get stressed out.

Open all the windows in the garage and turn the lights on. In a natural way, the bird should find their way out, unless the windows are too small.

Either way, don’t block any window or door – remove all things that might be preventing the bird from leaving.

3. Use a Rake or Fishing Net

If, after a while, the bird is still inside your garage and the aforementioned techniques didn’t work for you, then it’s time to catch it. 

We don’t recommend touching the bird whatsoever, mostly if we talk about a stuck bird that can be kind of violent, such as a hawk. 

But if you think that you can set the bird free if you cover it with a fishing net without hurting it, then go for it. Then again, do not harm the bird – they are probably scared to death, and we don’t want to traumatize them for life!

4. Get Help from Your Cat or Dog

We know that Bathing a Cat Without Dying Trying is hard, but did you know that you could use your cat as an effective method to get a bird out of a garage?

Maybe dogs are not the best companions here, but they can certainly bark at birds, which can scare them. 

Nonetheless, keep in mind that some cats like to eat birds. We don’t want the bird to die, so just use the cat or dog to lure the bird out of your garage safely.

5. Call Animal Control

Animal Control is a public institution that offers animal protection services for all. If you cannot remove the bird from your garage by yourself, then calling animal control will ensure that the bird will safely leave your garage and be taken care of in case it needs it.

It’s not always necessary to call animal control, but if the situation is not under your control, then you better stop searching for solutions on the Internet and call them.


How Do I Get an Owl Out of My Garage?

If owls enter your garage, the best way to get them outside is by making some noise. Owls are nocturnal animals scared of noise and light, so this is a really simple way to get rid of them inside your garage.

Make sure that their landing when going out does not harm them. Owls are magnificent creatures, and they need to be protected at all costs.


How Do I Get a Bird Out of My House With no Windows?

If your house has no windows, then it will be a little more difficult to remove birds from it. In that case, our recommendation would be to close all doors and catch it.

Waiting for the bird to simply leave is a long shot if there are no windows, so your best course of action here is to try to catch the bird by your own means without hurting them.

Pet Recap: How to Get a Bird Out of My Garage

Getting birds out of your garage requires patience and willingness, but it’s not impossible whatsoever:

  1. The first thing to do would be to have patience and wait for the bird to leave by itself;
  2. If that doesn’t work, try to catch the animal without hurting it;
  3. Finally, call Animal Control if you cannot remove the bird by yourself;
  4. You can prevent birds from entering your garage by using fake decoys of other birds.


How Do You Get a Bird to Come to You?

You need to offer comfort to the bird – they need to feel like they are at home to come close to you. Prepare some food and water, and be patient. Birds are not like dogs and cats, so they might as well not get close to you whatsoever.

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