How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Bird? [2023 Bird Cremation]

How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Bird

It’s time for your little bird to spread its wings and fly to the heavens – you were the best pet bird owner ever, and they are surely thankful for the life you gave them.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to our little winged friends – that’s a fact. But what will you do with their little body?

Will you bury your bird, or do you prefer to cremate it? So far, my parakeet named Pikachu is still alive and well, but I’m ready for the inevitable.

Thus, this Your Pet, Your Love article will show you “how much does it cost to cremate a bird?” in 2023 and beyond. 

Quick Pet Answer

How much to cremate a bird, you ask? The cost of bird cremation varies depending on the type of cremation you choose. Prices range from $40 to $150. Read further to learn more.

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 Can You Cremate a Pet Bird?

Yes, you can cremate a pet bird – the Cremation Association of North America, CANA, understands the importance of pet cremation for pet owners all over the country.

If you know how to honor the body of your little bird, then cremating it is a good option for sure.

We’ll surely miss those times when our birds were as happy as they could be inside their little cages, but now is the time to say goodbye.

For a while, even Birds Chirping Outside Your Window will make you miss those old memories with your lovely winged friend, but it is time to move on. The good thing is that you can indeed cremate a pet bird, and it is a quite common practice for many parakeets and bird owners out there.

Is It Better to Cremate or Bury a Pet Bird?

It depends on how you want to honor the memory of your pet bird. Do you prefer to bury them in a specific spot that you can visit once in a while, or is it better for you to have their ashes in a little coffin that you can move around?

Cremating a pet bird is usually easy and less traumatic to people who have established life-lasting bonds with their pet birds.

Sometimes, the process of burying a dead bird is not pretty at all – usually, you must take the dead body of your bird by yourself, which can be slightly traumatic.

If you cremate your bird, you will receive its ashes and make a little spot for them at home or wherever you want.

how much to cremate a bird


How Much to Cremate a Bird: Bird Cremation Cost in 2023

There are four different types of bird cremation that you can opt for. As it happens when you Cremate a Hamster, pet bird cremation works in the same way.

All in all, hamsters and birds have similar sizes, although it depends on the kind of bird you have.

Different cremation processes will have different prices as well. So, let’s take a look at this accurate report to learn how much to cremate a bird in 2023 and more. 


1. Private Bird Cremation

Private cremation is the most common type of pet bird cremation around. Private cremation for birds costs between $100 and $120

It depends on the size of your bird and your specific requirements. In private cremations, your bird will be cremated completely alone, which means that there will not be other pets alongside your little winged friend.


2. Communal Bird Cremation

Communal cremation is when pet crematories cremate multiple pets in the same furnace.

In this case, communal cremation for birds costs around between $30 and $40. It is a cheap alternative indeed, but the problem is that you will probably receive your bird’s ashes mixed with other animals. 


3. Individual Bird Cremation

Individual cremation is practically the same as private cremation, with the difference that other pet owners can also choose to cremate their pet birds individually, which can create a mixing of their ashes inadvertently.

Individual cremation for pet birds costs between $80 and $100


4. Witness Bird Cremation 

Witness cremation is the most expensive type of bird cremation – it costs between $120 and $180, although it can be higher depending on the pet cremation place.

In witness cremations, pet owners witness the entire cremation process of their birds. They ensure that the ashes of the bird are not mixed with others.


How to Cremate a Pet Bird

We can summarize the prices of pet bird cremation in the following way:

  • Witness cremation for birds costs $150 on average.
  • Private cremation for birds costs $100 on average.
  • Individual cremation for birds costs $80 on average.
  • Communicable cremation for birds costs $40 on average.

But how do you cremate a pet bird? I have also bulletproofed myself against this scenario, which is why I asked multiple pet cremation centers for their exact processes – this is what I learned. 


1. Find Bird Pet Cremation Center Near You

First of all, you must find a Pet cremation Center in your city. A quick Google Search will reveal multiple pet cremation centers near you – it is up to you to decide on one!

Since we don’t do advertising of any kind, we will not mention a specific pet cremation center. 

Do your own research and consider that most pet cremation centers charge by bird size and weight


2. Take Your Bird in a Box to the Pet Cremation Center

Take the corpse of your bird gently using a blanket, wrap it around it, and put it inside a shoebox or another type of box.

Then, drive to the pet cremation center with your bird’s body inside the box.


3. Let Your Bird Live In Your Heart Forever

Select the pet cremation process that you prefer (individual, communal, witnessed, etc.). Pay for the cremation fee, and let professionals handle the cremation of your bird.

You will then receive the ashes of your little bird.

Some people scatter the ashes of their birds in nature, others prefer to store the ashes elsewhere, and other people use their ashes to get tattoos by mixing them with tattoo ink. This step depends entirely on you.


Pet Recap: How Much Is Cremation for a Bird?

Pet bird cremation costs, on average, between $50 and $120. Some places are more expensive than others, but it depends on the type of cremation you get.

Your bird deserves to be remembered forever and cremating it will help it spread its wings into a world where pain doesn’t exist anymore.

For more pet tips and bird guides, I’ll be here, at Your Pet, Your Love, to support you – even during hard times. 



Are Bird Pets Cremated in the Same Place as Humans?

No – bird pets are not cremated in the same place as humans, but they might get cremated in the same place as other pets, such as dogs and cats, if you choose communal cremation.

How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Parakeet?

Parakeets are fairly small birds, so, on average, cremating a parakeet costs between $50 and $120. 



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