Do Parakeets Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Do Parakeets Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Parakeets are beautiful birds and awesome companions! They are as cute as they get, and they come in several different colors.

If you are a bird lover, just like us, then you know how great it is to have parakeets as pets.

Budgies are frankly easy to take care of, and keeping them happy is normally easy. But do parakeets sleep with their eyes open?

Some weeks ago, one of our readers asked us if Dogs Sleep With Their Eyes Open, so we made a post about it. Now, Your Pet, Your Love will answer your question, but this time, focusing on parakeets – let’s get to it!

Can Parakeets Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Parakeets can sleep with their eyes open indeed, but this is not something standard that they always do.

There are some things that some parakeets do, and some others don’t (Can Parakeets Talk?), and sleeping with their eyes open is one of those things.

Some parakeets sleep with their eyes open if they don’t feel comfortable with their surroundings. 

Therefore, if you notice that your parakeet is sleeping with its eyes opened, then your little pet might not feel comfortable at all. Nonetheless, this is not an absolute truth, so it is worth noting other factors to understand what’s happening.

Do Birds Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Some birds can sleep with their eyes open – that’s a fact. Research shows that some birds can sleep in mid-flight, and, as you might guess, they don’t entirely close their eyes.

Now, parakeets do not fly away if you are keeping them as a pet, so they are inside your cage.

They have the physical ability to sleep with their eyes open, and although you should not be overly worried about this, you must do something.

Parakeets only sleep with their eyes open if they don’t feel comfortable with their surroundings.

It is important to keep in mind that parakeets are social birds. They need other bird companions, and in the same order of ideas, they need a nice cage to sleep tightly with their eyes closed, as they are meant to.

How Do I Know if My Parakeets Are Sleeping?

The answer to this question might sound a little obvious, but if your parakeet is standing or inside its little nest with their eyes closed, then they are sleeping.

Parakeets need to have at least one eye closed so they can fully sleep. If you see that they have one eye opened and another closed, then their brains are partially resting while keeping an eye on their surroundings.

If your parakeet sleeps with its two eyes closed, and you happen to witness it, then congratulations – your parakeet absolutely loves you and its home, which is why it feels really happy and safe enough to sleep with both eyes closed.

How Much Sleep Does a Parakeet Need?

As surprising as it might sound, parakeets need around 10 to 12 hours of sleep each day – that’s a lot!

If you don’t witness your parakeets sleeping that often, then perhaps you should leave them to rest for more time.

Parakeets sleep a lot because they have small bodies that use a lot of energy.

That’s why it is great to have sleeping schedules for your parakeets if you want to keep them safe and healthy.

That being said, a totally healthy parakeet will sleep all night long, and will do so with both eyes closed! Bird owners, take note of this.

Why Do Budgies Chirp When Sleeping?

Budgies chirp while sleeping when they are not “totally asleep,” and they have a part of their brains functioning while trying to fall asleep.

If you leave the TV on with some white noise, your parakeet might not entirely sleep as it should.

This will cause chirping and other noises to come out from their little beaks. This denotes the importance of budgie’s sleeping habits – ensuring that your parakeets have enough sleep is your duty as a budgie owner, so, forgive the redundancy, don’t sleep on it!

Also, some budgies chirp when “sleeping” if they are hungry or don’t have a balanced diet. Check out our “Can Parakeets Eat Watermelon” guide to learn how to properly choose a diet for your little winged friends.

Pet Recap: Do Parakeets Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

So, is it okay if your parakeet sleeps with its eyes open? Parakeets can physically sleep with their eyes open, or at least one eye open if they feel that they need to take care of their surroundings.

If you see your parakeet sleeping with one eye open, then offer them more comfort, give them more food, and make them feel happier. 

Remember that you are the only one responsible for your parakeet’s health, so if you want them to live for years, then make them sleep tightly every single night.


Can Budgies Sleep With Noise?

It depends – they might as well sleep with one eye open if there’s too much noise around. Our recommendation would be to ensure enough silence so they can feel comfortable while sleeping inside their cages.

Do Parakeets Need Darkness to Sleep?

Yes, parakeets need darkness so they can properly sleep during the night. Some people cover their cages to ensure darkness, but it is worth noting that they only need darkness during the night. If you want your parakeets to sleep healthy, then ensure to put them in a dark environment before bedtime.

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