Can Parakeets Talk?

Can Parakeets Talk?

Parakeets are so small and cute! They are some of the most wanted birds as a pet because they are tiny and fairly easy to take care of.

But can parakeets talk? Is it even physically possible for parakeets to start talking? Well, this is a common answer that many people who are thinking about getting a parakeet as an animal companion have, and today, we are going to answer it.

Your Pet, Your Love will quickly answer your question in a straight-to-the-point way, so let’s get to it right now.

Can Parakeets Talk Like Humans?

Yes, parakeets can learn how to talk! But they won’t talk like a human – they don’t have vocal cords whatsoever. In fact, they won’t talk like a classic parrot – their voices are actually a little harder to understand than other birds’ voices, but they can talk nonetheless.

It is easier for male parakeets to learn how to talk rather than female parakeets, but the key is to teach them young. After one year of life, parakeets lose a great part of their ability to learn how to talk, so, as in everything, practice makes perfect.

Either way, they can learn how to repeat human words easily when they are young, but their voices are kind of robotic and high-pitched, which means that understanding what they say is not as easy as you might think.

By the way, if a little parakeet is stuck in your garage, do not hurt it! Learn How to Get Bird Out of Garage here.

How Long Does it Take a Parakeet to talk?

It depends on when you start, but it might take anywhere from 5 to 12 months. As we mentioned before, the ideal way to teach a parakeet how to talk is to do so when they are really, really young.

Trained male parakeets can say a lot of words, and they always sound happy about it! On the other hand, female parakeets also have the required abilities to talk, but they take longer to teach.

Not all female parakeets will learn how to vocalize words – some of them will just start mimicking names or easy-to-learn words, but when it comes to talking behavior, then males are indeed easier to train.

What Words Can Parakeets Say?

Mostly short words, but they do not understand their meaning. They can say short names, food names, and simple words. Unlike parrots, who can actually learn full songs and sentences, parakeets have very limited vocal abilities.

Therefore, owners must not feel frustrated if their parakeet is not speaking as they want. At the end of the day, remember that parakeets just use noises in nature, so long phrases and new to them.

This means that training a parakeet to talk is possible, but it requires a lot of dedication from your side.

Can You Teach Parakeets to Talk?

Yes! You can teach a parakeet to say one word or two, but they will feel more comfortable just making sounds. It all depends on the specific animal you want to train, but learning how to talk is totally possible for them.

We would say that the range of words that they can learn gradually lowers over time. This means that adult parakeets are less likely to learn how to talk than young ones, but only to a degree.

If you teach your parakeets to be social and show them affection from the moment they are born, then they will be most likely to learn how to talk and will react better to your teaching. This will also teach your Bird Not to Bite.

Pet Recap: Can Parakeets Talk?

Yes, parakeets can talk! They won’t sing a full song, and perhaps their voices are not the best around, but they are capable of talking indeed.

Now, training your parakeet is an entirely different story, and we will get to it later.


Do Parakeets Recognize Their Owners?

Yes – if your parakeet is totally domesticated and trained, they will recognize their owner easily. Of course, a lot of training is required, so keep this in mind during the entire training process.

Can Female Parakeets Talk?

Female parakeets can talk, but they are less likely to talk than male parakeets.

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